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Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities

Classifying Plants and Animals Activities and Videos for Homeschool Science

In this free online homeschool science lesson, we are classifying plants and animals. These science activities and videos are a fun way for homeschoolers to learn online. Lessons have material suitable for preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. We round up the information and links each week as we teach homeschool to our own children. Every link has been child tested. Scroll down for the interactive student lesson. Lesson for Preschoolers is at the bottom of the post.

Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities
Free Online Homeschool Science Lesson: Classifying Plants and Animals Activities.

Classifying Plants and Animals Online Homeschool Lesson

Elementary and Middle School Science: Target Grades 3-8
with components for preschool, early elementary, and high school.

Teacher Resources:

Classifying Plants and Animals Lesson Ideas

Make your own Worksheets and Printables

Early Elementary Lessons on Classifications

Student Lesson:

Do this: Keep these questions in mind as you the watch the videos.

Questions on Plant Growth click on the questions to find the answers, make sure you click through all 4 pages of questions!

PBS Video: What Plants Talk About 

Learn more about Carnivorous Plants.

Play this Cool Science Game on How Plants Grow (8-11 yrs.).

Read about Plant GrowthWhat are the Kingdoms? If you want to watch these videos, you'll have to log into Brainpop. I'm told you can do a search and find Brainpop freebies, coupon codes, and passwords. Here is a free Biology lesson on the Six Kingdoms.

More about Plant Adaptations from Brainpop free for everyone.

Math Component

This Cool Companion Math Game is for Middle School and up. 

This Middle School to High School Plant Lesson Game teaches Math and Economics. You'll start your own business and work to keep the plants alive and well using your math skills. 

We found another cool math game for kids, but... there's an app for that! Ask your parent or teacher if you can install, Ruby Realms.

Art Component

Make Pressed Flowers

Make Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Science Fair Project or Science Experiment from Science Buddies Experiment on Plant Growth for Middle Schoolers.


Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: Name 3 types of Plant Classifications. Then, draw a plant and then list out the main parts of it.




Classifying Animals Lessons

Classifying Animals - Free Brainpop Jr. Video. Make sure you take the quiz. Try the easy quiz and the hard quiz. You can do it! 

More on Animal Classification from Sheppard's Kids Corner.

Show what you've learned so far:

Grab your Science Journal: What are the Six Kingdoms? Need to research? Do a safe search here







Science Just for Fun Online Games

Are you smarter than a plant?
Are you smarter than a plant? Find out on

Early Elementary Component 
Pre-K - 3, but suitable for older kids too!

Plant Song

Dora's Plant Growth Game for Preschoolers

Farming Lesson for Kindergarten

Fun Activities

Make these Free Printable Animal Trading Cards

Test your knowledge: Play Matching Classification Game

Recommended Reading:

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Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt January 14, 2013 Preschool Activities and Homeschool Ideas

Are you looking for Preschool Activities or Homeschool Ideas? Then you need to follow Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest! Each week, hundreds of Homeschool providers and Preschool/Daycare teachers scavenge the Internet for the best ideas for preschool, pre k, and early elementary curriculum ideas and pin to our group board with 3500 + followers. You can pin or just follow the great ideas!

This week's winner is a new collaborative pinner, Jessica Grove she pinned a plant collage animal for the key word, 'things to do with house plants' in honor of National House Plant Day January 10.

Preschool Activities Homeschool Ideas Pre K activity Pin it! Scavenger Hunt Plant Collage
Animal Plant Collage from

This week's keyword search terms are:  Things to do handwriting (Nat'l Handwriting Day 1/23), Winter Animal Crafts (Animal Blessing 1/17 Day), Eskimos (Eskimo Pie Day), Hug Crafts/Lessons (Nat'. Hugging Day 1/21), Football Curriculum/Crafts. 10 pin limit (1 per topic) ~ NO AD LINKS. Pins must lead to blog or PAGE of source. 

Still have questions? Join the Facebook Forum to chat with others and discuss rules and guidelines.

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Kid Sensory Science: Play Based Learning How to Garden with Kids with Egg Cartons: Investigating_Detective_Hands-On Messy Play

Investigating Detectives: Kid Sensory Science and Gardening with Egg Cartons

Sensory Play is a big buzz word. Back in the day, all my play time was sensory play. I'd run around outside, get filthy making mud pies and sand ice cream, dash through the sprinkler, plop in the bath, (where I swirled Dad's shaving cream into Mom's shampoo painting Picasso's all around the tub) and head to bed one truly happy camper. Make a sensory science egg carton garden with your kids!

Gardening is the best form of Sensory Play Based Learning How to garden with the kids with egg cartons
Gardening: The original Sensory Play Based Learning.

Today, lots of people don't like to let their kids get messy or to be seen in dirty clothes, the horror!

Use egg cartons to start seeds seedlings indoors
Start your seeds in egg cartons in doors in early spring.
I sweep the kitchen and bathroom floor several times a week, but you'd never know it. Anytime you stop by for a visit you'll find dried mud, bits of dandelions, grains of sand, tiny twigs, and a few dead bugs. And, at least two kids in dirty clothes. I often joke, I'm no Martha Stewart, but I'm no June Cleaver either. Ahem... If I had to pick a t.v. personality's home to compare ours too... I fear we resemble Roseanne the most, just not so crass.

Everyday is Sensory Play day! Last week, Jake was covered in mud he found in a hole in the backyard. I plan to make some mud paint for my next sensory post.

Amanda loves to investigate with her magnifying glass, ziploc baggies, and spoons from the kitchen drawer.

When our seedlings come up, we'll plant them in this little garden box we built together last year. We have healthy strawberry plants already!

Garden boxes to keep bunnies out rabbits
Keep bunnies out of your garden with raised garden boxes.

Science projects cover the front porch, 'Please watch your step.' Our favorite toys are anything we can find growing in the yard.  

Bonus = lots of free toys!

Kid Sensory Science: Play Based Learning How to Garden with Kids

A Whole lot of fun with the Tickle Me plant. 
By far, the best seed to plant with your kiddos!

If you want to follow our messy life, hop over to Kids Creative Chaos on Facebook and join the fun.

Recommended Reading:

Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together with Children

Planting a Rainbow