Counting Blessings on Mother's Day

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A Wonderful Mother's Day

I managed to have a very blessed Mother's Day this year and I am very grateful.  Don't get me wrong, I have cherished all of the Mother's Days past but this one was special, by the end of the week I received good news on top of good news.

First call was for a potential job that I had initially interviewed for but didn't get but by a strange turn of events the position was open again. I find out more info at the end of this week. My second good news event was my husband, we will call B, won a drawing to get $5 off a frozen yogurt from  Orange Leaf (a new frozen yogurt business in our town) which can be a bit pricey for a family of four. Then came the flowers from my very special Mother-in-law and my daughter Chick-a-Bitty, a wonderful breakfast, and my two guys B and Bugs grilling dinner.

Wonderful flowers that were delivered

Flowers cut from my rose bush by Chicky

My guys B and Bugs grilling dinner
Even better, I was able to do almost nothing on Sunday. Can you say happy dance?! :-)  I did get some Tomato Plants planted and my Pussy Willow starts in the ground. I also pulled a lot of the poison ivy that was growing against the house for B. I did that only because all he has to do is stare at the stuff and he gets  it bad. I am not very susceptible to getting it, so the chore lies with me. Not a very Mother's Day activity but it will save me lots of grief later this summer :-) Here's to another great Sunday!

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