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A Wonderful Mother's Day

I managed to have a very blessed Mother's Day this year and I am very grateful.  Don't get me wrong, I have cherished all of the Mother's Days past but this one was special, by the end of the week I received good news on top of good news.

First call was for a potential job that I had initially interviewed for but didn't get but by a strange turn of events the position was open again. I find out more info at the end of this week. My second good news event was my husband, we will call B, won a drawing to get $5 off a frozen yogurt from  Orange Leaf (a new frozen yogurt business in our town) which can be a bit pricey for a family of four. Then came the flowers from my very special Mother-in-law and my daughter Chick-a-Bitty, a wonderful breakfast, and my two guys B and Bugs grilling dinner.

Wonderful flowers that were delivered

Flowers cut from my rose bush by Chicky

My guys B and Bugs grilling dinner
Even better, I was able to do almost nothing on Sunday. Can you say happy dance?! :-)  I did get some Tomato Plants planted and my Pussy Willow starts in the ground. I also pulled a lot of the poison ivy that was growing against the house for B. I did that only because all he has to do is stare at the stuff and he gets  it bad. I am not very susceptible to getting it, so the chore lies with me. Not a very Mother's Day activity but it will save me lots of grief later this summer :-) Here's to another great Sunday!

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  1. I completed the scavenger hunt for this week. I enjoyed it but occasionally repinned something that another pinner had already pinned; for example, quite a few of Carol McIntyre's. You mention that only the first pinned entry counts, but I feel bad when I "steal someone else's thunder" and alter the results for that pinner.
    I agree with Barbi McCurry who suggested that all pins be added to the original pin. I know that is a lot of work, but it seems fair. Think the results for this week would be different if all the repins were considered.
    "Minute to Win It, would probably be the clear winner. Jennifer had 4 likes and 33 pins. Several days later Dawn repinned it and got an additional 13 pins for "Minute to Win It."
    Just a suggestion. Thanks. Barbara G


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