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Learning How to be a Community Leader Together: Service Projects for Kids

Service Project Ideas for kids to get involved in the Community

Michelle from Life is my Lemonade is guest posting today.Today, she shares her reluctant adventures in teaching a child how to be a community leader. Michelle and I met in college where we pledged Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Needless to say, we've known each other awhile. Michelle also helps out with Pinterest account management. (Psst... Michelle's a little shy.) Here are some great ideas for service projects for your kids. Enjoy!

Service Projects How to be a Community Leader - Race for the Cure 2011  in Indy with Mayor Greg Ballard
Race for the Cure 2011 

What do you do when your child says I’m bored? I decided to take a page out of my family’s book and take her on a new adventure.  It started when she was old enough to put groceries away.  I took her to the food pantry to help put groceries away on the shelves and explained why we were helping out. Over the years, this evolved into working to bag up the bags for Saturday openings. Then, she asked if she could help out on Saturday’s when the pantry was open. She wanted to be able to work directly with the people that came into the food pantry and help them out to their cars. Aww!  That was a great idea so we stepped into the rotation and did a Saturday morning every once in awhile. 

Helping out at a food pantry doesn't mean just donating items.

I’m proud of how she stepped up and asked for more time with the people that came in. Her Grandpa would be proud of her. She didn't get to know him because he died from Leukemia a few years before she was born. One of the proudest memories I have is of his funeral, there were so many people there that came up to me and explained how they knew him. He had helped them throughout the years. He gave so many pints of blood I can’t even tell you what level he was at. He also was an EMT for many years, picked up people who needed transportation to doctor’s visits and church.  He and my mom both volunteered for numerous committees.  

When those people that he has touched came to show respect it made an unbearable day better. I was proud to know that he had done so much for others. Those are the moments I share with my daughter now. I am hoping that she will be able to say that she is proud of me for giving back as well. 

Here are some of the things we do or plan to do when she says she is bored:

Race for the Cure –whenever we can to support my Aunt who is a survivor and the friends we have lost. Relay for Life-again whenever we can to remember my dad and find a cure.

Sheltering Wings-This is a local domestic violence shelter that helped me out.  We have done many projects from planting flowers around their building, donating money, going to their various fundraising events, donating items for the silent auctions, earrings for the kids to give their Moms on Mother’s Day, numerous sweet treats just because and most recently Megan has written and received grants to help provide pre-school supplies for their new pre-school classroom and make up Birthday boxes for the kids

Yep, she really did the work on writing the grants. It’s one of the requirements for the grant because it is a Youth as Resources grant from United Way. Parents can assist but the kids are on the ones that write it up and give the presentation. When she was younger I helped out with the grant writing, but now that she is a teen it’s all her and her Girl Scout troop

Pinterest idea turned into a warm welcome treat
Pinterest idea turned into a warm welcome treat for Sheltering Wings
Some of the items that were purchase from the grant she wrote
Pre-school supplies purchased with Grant monies
So, while Megan is learning to help out in the community she is having a good time and getting great experience. She donated time at the shelter to babysit and play games with the kids. She learned that she likes to babysit, and she can earn money when she’s not donating her time.

Another bonus to helping out in the community is that she is setting goals:

  • Goal #1 earn the Bronze award for Girl Scouts. Happy to say that’s checked off, She earned her bronze award with a book drive and building a bookcase for the shelter.
  • Goal #3 she is going for the Gold award.  She has a list of the different places that she wants to help and a year to wait and plan so we will see what will happen. Top of the list for today is animal shelter, Riley or Peyton Manning children’s hospital, or outdoor area. Whatever she decides to do will be on her to plan from start to finish and raise the money for because this is an individual project.  She can get help from the community but she has to put in at least 100 hours of time to meet the goal. I don’t think it will be a problem though because she put in close to that with the Silver award.

Goal # 3 Going for Gold Award
Going for the Gold Award


The Kid's Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference*

Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick: The Secrets of Bookmarklet

Well.. the Google+ chat didn't work out, but you can see my secret magic trick tutorial here.

Lora from Kids Creative Chaos shares insider tips and tricks for Pinterest.

Check out our other helpful Pinterest Tutorial's:

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How do I get recipes from Pinterest? You've got an account, what's next? Tutorial (Pinterest 102)

Here is your Pinterest Tutorial to get Recipes

You've set up your Pinterest account, you did everything they told you to do. You even started following your friends on Pinterest. Why do you only have 2 followers? Why aren't people finding you and following you? You wonder, " What am I doing wrong on Pinterest? " Here is your Pinterest Tutorial.

Pinterest Tips & Tricks Kids Creative Chaos Road Kill Boards
Pinterest Tips & Tricks.

Nothing- Everything.

You say, " Hey, all I really want is to know, how do I get recipes on Pinterest? My Facebook friends are blocking me. They hate it when I fill their feed with pictures of food, especially my dinner at a restaurant. I think they'd like it if I shared pictures of the beautiful meal I cooked all by myself after going on Pinterest. How do I do Pinterest?"

What kind of recipes do you like? Healthy Recipes? Vegan Recipes? Dessert Recipes? Gluten Free Recipes? Pinterest has you covered. There are three ways to go about finding recipes on Pinterest.

  1. Click the big Pinterest at the top of your page and scroll through your home feed.
Nothing good?  Pictures of your friend's kids? Images of the 1980's? Weird geek stuff? You need cooler friends. No worries, we can help.

  2.   Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in recipes, pick "pins", and scroll through until you find something you like. Heart it. Pin it. This could take a long time. You have unusual taste. There aren't any pins for road kill stew. What's a hungry pinner to do?

  3.  Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in "road kill recipes". Now, you could click pins, or pinners, but this time click boards. Now follow all of the boards titled "ROAD KILL RECIPES".

How do I get recipes from pinterest Tutorial and funny Road Kill Recipes
Funny bunnies road kill from

Scroll through the boards that you find most appetizing. See anything you like? Pin it. Here's where it gets fun! When you come back tomorrow to pin and click the big Pinterest to find your home feed, you will see all the new pins from the road kill boards. Are some of them super stellar? Click the pinner and "follow all"; I'll bet you have a lot in common. 

Boy, oh, boy do you have a lot in common. You are special. Only a elite few share your tastes.

That was easy. Now, you've learned how to search for you favorite topic, follow the boards, pinners, and pin it to your own "Road Kill" board. Go create some fun boards so like minded individuals will want to follow you.  In the right top bar, click on the " + " sign. Choose create a board. Follow the prompts to create your own unique boards. For example, if you are into a road kill theme, you might want to add these board titles:  Things to do with Raccoons, Dead Deer Projects, Awesome Opossums, Skunk Oil Tips, Squirrel Secrets, and Duck Dynasty Fun. Fill your boards, by doing a search in the Pinterest bar just like I taught you in the above paragraphs. Can't find anything good? Oh yeah... you're a little off, but that's okay. Try a Google search, copy the url, go back to the " + " and choose add from a website. Paste your URL in the bar. 

Voila! You've done it.

 Keep it up, I promise you will gain a follower or two if you keep pinning all these awesome pins.

Next time, Bookmarklet- will it harm my computer? Should I use it? And, the MAGIC secret that will blow your mind. In the meantime, you might like these Raccoon coloring pages. ;)

Pinterest Account Management
Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick (The Secrets of Bookmarklet) Pinterest (201)
How do I do Pinterest? (Pinterest 101)

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Chick-fil-A New Premium Salads Menu Items and Gift Card Giveaway

Chick-fil-A launched new menu items on April 29, 2013.  

The premium salads aren't fast food. Think fancy salad in a nice sit down restaurant. That's exactly what they did for us.  To help spread the word Chick-fil-A in Avon, Indiana had a salad tasting party for me and 9 guests. 

I invited oh so many lovely ladies who could not attend the garden style party, so we took some men who looked a little out of sync with the surroundings. It turned out to be a great idea!  The men wouldn't ordinarily order "girly" salads, but after tasting the new premium salads they were sold.

Chick-fil-a New Premium Salads Menu Items and Gift Card Giveaway
Our cast of garden party characters.  That's me second on the right.
When the kids were younger, I often met friends for play dates at our local Chick-fil-A.  The kids love the chicken. For me, the menu seemed limited.  I am so excited about these new salad and wrap options.  We got to taste each salad and add special toppings.  My favorite was the Grilled Market Salad loaded with strawberries, blueberries, bleu cheese crumbles, apples, grilled chicken, and zesty apple cider vinaigrette with only 180 calories.

healthy fast food alternatives
These salads are a healthy fast food alternative.

The Asian Salad has only 330 calories. I didn't think I would like this one. Thank goodness for the tasting party!  Honey-Thai almonds give the salad a little kick. The best part about these salad is you can mix and match the premium, freshly prepared ingredients. So, if you like the almonds order them on your cobb salad.

The cobb salad is loaded with 440 calories of Chick-fil-A goodness. The original breaded chicken tops this salad that is packed with fresh veggies and paired with a delectable avocado lime ranch dressing. Mmm, it is so good!

Healthy Chicken Wrap
They've updated their chicken wrap too!

Garden Party gift idea with terra cotta pots and goodies
Look at these adorable favors!  Terra cotta pots filled with gardening items.
Thanks to Ashley and the lovely staff who made us feel comfortable even though we brought burly men and red mohawks to a ladie's garden party. It was so nice to feel pampered. They boxed up the salad leftovers, and I had enough for two more meals! 

Are you hungry yet?  I've got gift cards good for one salad of your choice in June and July. Sign up for our free newsletter for your chance to win.  Already signed up?  Leave a comment below including the words, "eat more chicken".  :)

How to Get Pinterest Followers Fast: Easy Tips to do Today :)

So, have you been wondering how to get Pinterest followers fast?  

It seems like it takes forever to get just 1000's followers when you are starting out.  Maybe you aren't a blogger and you are wondering why would anyone want to get a million Pinterest followers? We're sharing how to get Pinterest followers fast. Enjoy!

How can I get more Pinterest Followers How to Market with Pinterest
How to get Pinterest Followers Fast. Tips that really work!

One day, I noticed a lot of bloggers had 10,000 followers.  I wanted 10,000 followers.  How did they do that?  I read everything I could.  I did everything I could.  I shared Pinterest everywhere I could.  Now, I have 100,000 Pinterest followers.  

Now, I want to know, how can I get one million Pinterest followers.  The short answer is you must love to pin.  The long answer is you must pin a lot of good content, but that's not always enough.  The easy answer is do something Pinterest likes so that you will get featured by Pinterest. 

Featured or not, my boards are growing quicker than other bloggers who I know have been featured, and I think I know why.

A lot of blogger's in my niche are featured in weekly newsletters, the Pinterest orientation process, and as suggestions to follow. I can't prove it, but I suspect I've been featured too.  I've been jumping up and down trying to get Pinterest's attention.  I have the Pin it! Preschool Scavenger Hunt!  Hey, Pinterest, I'd love it if you would feature this board.  It's my claim to fame.

If or when Pinterest does getting around to featuring you, make sure you're ready.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect they feature the first board on your profile.  I know a few people who've had this board featured.  So, make your first board your best board.  That's a free tip!  

Pinterest features many boards at random.  Many of the big pinners (people who pin to my group board everyday) have been featured. They are not bloggers, so when their numbers started growing they got nervous.  It feels awkward when people are peeking into your life and you don't want that, right?  Bloggers want the stats to help get advertising, sponsored posts, or free stuff for review.

Follow Me on Pinterest Button

If you want to know everything else I did to get Pinterest followers fast, you'll need to hop over to and buy my eBook. If you purchase it at it's better for me (higher royalty, I'm broke so that'd be good :) ).  If you buy it on Kindle it's less expensive, but the photos may not appear correctly.  No worries, I have live links to all those pages, just in case.  You can also borrow it for FREE in the KINDLE lending library.

FYI, my blog stats are mediocre.  I've made nothing with Amazon, and I'm just learning AdSense.  After about four years, Facebook and Twitter are so close to 1000, but not quite there yet.  PINTEREST is my thing.  We connect.  I want to share my secrets to help you in your branding and social media marketing efforts too.

Want a totally free version?  It was nice of you to read to the end. If you become a new subscriber via mailchimp, I'll send you a free full color PDF version.  Just click here to Sign up for our free newsletter!  As soon as I get the notice, I'll email you a copy.  Thanks, I really appreciate it!

And, one more thing, I'd love it if you'd write a quick review on

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Tag, You're it! Silent Tagging Game for Sharing Facebook Pages

The Blogger's Club on  Facebook is sharing your pages and you're sharing back! Join us and Like us for a fun game of Grown Up Blogger Tag.

Here's how it works: Every Thursday find this post on The Blogger's Club Facebook Page share the  post on your Facebook Page and leave your page in the comments below our post. Everyone participating will see your post, check it out, hopefully LIKE it, and then you can add your comment on the SILENT TAGGING post on their page. The idea is we'll gain new follower with common interest based on the sharing. It's Thursday, Let's PLAY!

*** Please READ the rules below before posting!
Only KID/PARENTING related FaceBook pages are allowed to post.

If you would like to play here's how we do it ....
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You are NOT required to like everyone that posts but hopefully you will and they will reciprocate.

If you like this, you might also like our Pin it to Win it Online Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest.

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Pin-it Online Preschool Scavenger Hunt 5/21/2012

Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt Life Hack Ideas for Kids

Wanna join our Preschool Ideas Scavenger Hunt? Leave a comment on Pinterest to be added to the board as a collaborative pinner (under the purple tack). This time we feature a crafty life hack that lets you allow kids to color in the car. Enjoy!

My Fav Pin from this scavenger was pinned by Carole M.. It comes from the blog, Want to get Crafty-  A solution for coloring in the car. 

Yep, I have lots of melted crayons on my seats. Love this idea!

Things to do with crayons like hacks Pinterest.
Life hack: Don't lose crayons in your car seats!

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products.

*We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Counting Blessings on Mother's Day

Angie's Corner

A Wonderful Mother's Day

I managed to have a very blessed Mother's Day this year and I am very grateful.  Don't get me wrong, I have cherished all of the Mother's Days past but this one was special, by the end of the week I received good news on top of good news.

First call was for a potential job that I had initially interviewed for but didn't get but by a strange turn of events the position was open again. I find out more info at the end of this week. My second good news event was my husband, we will call B, won a drawing to get $5 off a frozen yogurt from  Orange Leaf (a new frozen yogurt business in our town) which can be a bit pricey for a family of four. Then came the flowers from my very special Mother-in-law and my daughter Chick-a-Bitty, a wonderful breakfast, and my two guys B and Bugs grilling dinner.

Wonderful flowers that were delivered

Futuristic Activities for Children: Kindergarten Field Trip to Outer Space

Take a Field Trip to Outer Space Futuristic Activities for Kids

From Angie's Corner: Field Trip to Challenger Learning Center to learn about Astronauts. This Futuristic Activity for Kids is perfect for a Homeschool Field Trip, it is located in Brownsburg, Indiana. Enjoy!

Futuristic Activities for Kids Challenger Learning Center Astronaut Lesson
Futuristic Activity for Elementary Children: 
How Astronauts sit during take off of Shuttle.
I was lucky enough to be able to go along with Bug's Kindergarten class to the Challenger Learning Center (part of our school district) for their yearly field trip. At this very special place, they have different "missions" for the kids.  It is a very hands on place and the children get to learn and do scientific tasks just like real Astronauts. Each area of this place is geared to be age appropriate.  

On this day, each parent was given a station to man, to guide, and help out when needed while the children read and followed the instruction for the tasks they needed to complete.  I personally got to man the Magnetic station and the Magnifying Glass and Mirror stations. 

The children learned how two magnets can either attract each other or push away from each other. With Magnifying Glasses, they were able to see how to read tiny print and with Mirrors they were able to see how, if placed properly, the mirrors would show the other side of a half word or shape. 

This was a fabulous place to discover. Everyone that worked there was excited to have the children learn about not only space and science, but also teamwork.

Recommended Reading:

Space Stations: Base Camps to the Stars*

Personal Space Camp Activity and Idea Book*

ADS DISCLOSURE: We've partnered with some wonderful advertisers who may sponsor blog posts or send us samples to test. Some companies pay us to review their products.

*We also use affiliate links, if you make a purchase we get a tiny commission. Kids Creative Chaos participates in the Amazon LLC Associates Program*, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a mean for blogs to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon properties, including, but not limited to,,,,, or We also offer Tapinfluence, Google Adsense, SoFab, and Izea ads here. Thanks so much for helping us keep the lights on! :)

Cupcake Wrapper Giveaway: That's A Wrap!

From Busy Mom on the Go

 Traditional cupcake wrappers will long be forgotten after you see the adorable designs at That's A Wrap. As I was putting together the details of Emily's cupcake themed birthday party I came across these cupcake wrappers and instantly I knew they would bring another element to the party that guests would not expect! I love all of the different patterns you can choose from. At That's A Wrap you will find a lot more than just cupcake wrappers, you'll find an entire collection of party must-haves. A few of my favorites include the cupcake kits that coordinate both the wrappers and toppers, the party favor boxes and these very cute favor tags

That’s A Wrap is offering Busy Mom on the Go readers with a special discount code so you can start shopping today for your child’s next birthday party! For 20% off use code: busymoms. Stay in touch with all of the great products from That's A Wrap by liking their facebook page and following them on Pinterest. Below is a sample of cupcake wrappers to choose from. For more click here.

Would you like to win a set of cupcake wrappers and toppers for your child’s birthday party? That’s A Wrap has generously offered one lucky winner their choice of design for a set of cupcake wrappers and toppers from their store! Starting today through 4/29 at 11:59 EST you can enter using the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is for one set cupcake wrappers and toppers in your choice of style. All entrants must be 18+ to enter, open to US residents only.

Bowling with Pro Bowlers: Osku Palmerma = Perfect way to start Spring Break

Angie's Corner
PBA Pro-Am Osku Palmermaa
With  Pro Bowler Osku Palmermaa
Last Friday, my 9 yr old daughter, got to bowl in a tournament for a chance to win scholarship money with Pro Bowlers that were in town for a PBA tournament. She just got a new heavier ball. So, after school Thursday, I took the kids to the local bowling alley so my daughter could get the feel of her new ball.  My son got to bowl without bumpers to get ready for next fall.

kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Angie's kids with Pro Bowler Ryan Schafer
Pro Bowler Dick Allen
With  favorite Pro Bowler Dick Allen

For being nervous she started out great! She bowled a 156 but dropped in scores a bit as she bowled her next two games. In all, she got to bowl with 6 Pro Bowlers.

She quickly developed a crush on the 1st Pro Bowler and at the end left there in awe. The last Pro Bowler complimented her and as he tried to get her dad to meet someone about a camp, her coach (from youth league and who she bowled with) quickly stepped in to hear about it.

It was a great night for everyone; the Pro Bowlers had a great time with the kids, the kids got to meet and see Pro Bowlers. I was disappointed I didn't get to see my bowling crush, but I got to see a few bowlers I grew up watching. We will be doing this again next year if the opportunity presents itself. :)

Introducing Angie's Blog Posts

Today ~ I'd like to introduce Angie as a contributor to Kid's Creative Chaos.  She has been posting recipes for several weeks now and I felt it was time to bring her in as a true blogger. I thought it might be fun to bring a new perspective on living life in true mommy chaos. Don't fret, she'll still post those yummy recipes on Tuesdays, but on Thursdays she'll share some of the fun activities she and her family do together. Angie's kids are into sports and lots of recreational fun.

'Day in the life with two spirited kids'
by Angie of Kids Creative Chaos (the mind behind Angie's Recipes)

Follow Me on Pinterest

Yes, normally on Tuesday's and Thursday's I put up recipes but I was asked if I would like to post what we do with our kids on Thursday's to switch it up.  I have never actually done a blog of any sort before so please bare with me as I stumble through this. :-)

I will just do a quick introduction of my family today, only because the only things we have done together as a family of late is homework, and I don't think my kids would appreciate me taking their picture during full on "Homework Meltdown". lol.

I am a stay at home with 2 very spirited kids, a daughter 9 soon to be 10 (but thinks she is going on 16 sometimes. lol) and a son that just turned 6 (with the personality and charm that could make him sly like a fox as he gets older. lol).  But, both are extremely sensitive and caring kids who make sure they don't purposely hurt the feelings of others.

Right now, we haven't gone and done much together, well because up until recently it has been cold and we tend to go into "hibernation" of sorts over the winter.  My kids do bowl on a Saturday Youth League so that is where you will find us on Saturday mornings.  My daughter does tournaments where she can earn College scholarships and my son is in a different league for younger kids, but next year he moves up to his sister's league where he can start bowling tournaments. Bowling ends the beginning of May, and then my daughter starts up fast pitch softball and my son wants to attempt football.

As a family we like to camp, attempt gardening, (we start out great and by late summer it all goes down hill) and visit places- even if they are quick, weekend getaways. Spring Break is coming and I have a couple of places I would like to take the kids. Crossing my fingers they will get along and have a good time- periodically our outings end up with one or both kids going into a meltdown over something and ends with my husband or I mad and disappointed the trip didn't go the way we had envisioned it would when we planned it.

Stay tuned as we share our camping, 4-H, and sports activities with you each Thursday.

Pin it Online Scavenger Hunt (Preschool) 1

Preschool Scavenger Hunt

January 2012 Online Scavenger Hunt Kick-off! 

Pinterest Preschool Scavenger Hunt

Pin it Preschool Scavenger Hunt

Give Crafty Bloggers a Boost 

Have fun scavenging the internet, pin it @Pinterest, and get to know more Crafty Bloggers. Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is:

1. Type the words below into a Google Search to find an image.
 (Right click and copy url or save as title below)

2. Pin it to Pinterest and we'll add you to the contributor board where you can begin pinning away to your heart's content to win and make new friends.

3. Leave a comment below for an extra entry.

4. Like Me, 'Kids Creative Chaos,' on Facebook for another.

We'll follow your Pinterest Boards.Just be sure to leave your two cents worth.  To be eligible for our Kid's Basket of Goodies Prize pack, valued at over $50 you must complete all tasks in the hunt. *If you live outside the U.S. you can participate but you'll have to pay shipping costs. You have exactly one week to complete the mission. Included in the basket this week, a signed copy of Adam Rubin's book, "Those Darn Squirrels and The Cat Next Door." 

Everyone who completes Scavenger Hunt tasks will be entered to win! Week of January 23, 2012.  There's a new list every Monday.  Let me know if you have an image you want included in the hunt. 

~ Happy Hunting! ~

1. Easy Elephants
2. Snowman in a Jar
3. Slipper Flops
4. Colors of the Faith
5. Snowball Socks

Vote for me..

I'm  number 9 in DIY but 140 overall....  Just click to vote.  Then you can click the like button on my listing for brownie points.  Let me know... I'll give you 3 entries into Friday's giveaway for JAWS.

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An Award for Me

Mama Mia's Heart2Heart gave me an award to share the love.

Click my award to visit Mama Mia's Blog and give a big thanks to Mama Mia!
The Liebster award (“Liebster” is the German word for friend or love) originated in Germany. The aim of the award is to bring more attention to blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
These are the rules in accepting this award.
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
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3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other writers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma!
6. Right click on the award image and save it to your hard-drive and then upload it to your blog. 
I'm passing it along to some blogger's who have been supportive of my BLOG FROG Community.
So hard to pick, especially to find those with fewer than 200 GFC.  Rumor has it that GFC is going to be extinct soon so just find 5 up and coming new bloggers who deserve the love :-)

So You Want to be a Work At Home Mom & Giveaway


Jill Hart and Diana Ennen recently approached me about a review for their book, "So You Want to be a Work-At-Home Mom".  I accepted the offer thinking I would use the book for a giveaway.

Hey Ladies, I actually read the book from cover to cover!  I even took notes.

I googled it.  The website is number two, right after  The advice given in this book is written from a Christian perspective based on honesty and integrity.  These ladies have been there, done that.

Although I have been blogging for awhile now, I still have many questions.  "So You Want to be a Work-At-Home Mom" is written in an easy, conversational style.  Think the WEB MD commercials where the doctor is sitting in on the couch with a bunch of Moms- that's how you'll feel about Diana and Jill.  It is motivational offering proven success tips.

The book is designed to educate stay-at-home moms on work from home opportunities.  Not only does it answer the tough questions- it details how to find the answers and put them into action for your business.

Can't think of a good business proposal?  The book is filled with real, concrete ideas.

Do you ever get those emails offering thousands of dollars per week for WAHMS?  You get a link to a site that is full of hype but doesn't let out the big secret.  You are dying to know the big secret.  Maybe, just maybe it is really true and you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

Ladies, I know the big secret. Don't fall prey.  It may not be a scam but it will take tons of your money, time, and integrity.  This "opportunity" is for Herbalife.  It could be right for you but the odds are against it.

Why am I telling you about Herbalife?  Because, this is not one of those get-rich-quick scams.   "So You Want to be a Work-At-Home Mom" is written by real moms, just like you.  You probably won't get rich quick but you might have fun trying.

SAHM/WAHM bloggers, this is a must read.  SAHM/WAHM others - take your home business to the next level with these great tips.

Write your own press releases, fix your SEO, learn how to market yourself online.

I don't want to give it away but I will.  (I did take great notes, after all.)

Follow, Follow, Follow me wherever you can find me.  For every new follow, you'll get an entry into a random drawing.  All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know where you are following.

At the end of the month, any follower who helps me reach my goals (listed below) will be in the running for a prize package that includes a $15 Amazon gift card and lots of crafty goodies for you and the fam.

I can't wait to send you this little gem.  Get clicking.

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Everywhere you follow gets an entry. You might want to save them for upcoming Friday Follows - I have tons more books to giveaway.