Children's Party Activities: Toss the Marshmallows Game for Kids

Marshmallow Toss Game: Easy, Budget-friendly Birthday Party Game for Kids

Planning a BIRTHDAY ON A BUDGET?  Get back to the basics with Marshmallows, always fun for kids and perfect for children's party activities!  We have lots of marshmallow activities for kids. Enjoy!

How to Play Marshmallow Toss Game

Children's Party Activities Toss the Marshmallow Game for kids

Things to do with Marshmallows.

What you Need: 
A Bucket or Large Bowl and a bag of Large Marshmallows

How to Play: 
Divide the party-goers into pairs. The first team up chooses a catcher and a thrower. The catcher stands on one end of the room and holds the bucket or bowl on top of their head and the thrower stands on the other end of the room with the bag of marshmallows. The thrower tries to toss the marshmallows into the bucket. The catcher can move and duck to try to catch them, as long as they do not move their feet and they must remain standing. Each team takes a turn to see which team can catch the most!

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