Homemade Rainbow Slushy Recipe How to Make with Ice Pops

Homemade Rainbow Slushy Recipe to Make at Home

Guest Post by Tracey Thomas:  My kids and I decided to try out a cool “recipe” how to we discovered on Pinterest: Rainbow Slushies!  While it looks very cool, and it is something I never would have thought of on my own, it only cost us a whopping $3 to make! Which is great, since I am ALWAYS on the lookout for fun, inexpensive things we can do together. This is also a fun activity for all ages; my 4 year old was very involved, and it kept the interest of my older kids, as well. Target age: Preschooler to Fourth Grade

Rainbow Slushie Popsicle Recipe for kids party Snow Cone Ice Pops
Rainbow Slushy How to... It's an Ice Cone in a party dish.

The steps are very simple; buy ‘ice pop’ style POPSICLES, freeze, and sort them by color (ours did not have the same amount of each color, but we made it work!).

Choose a glass dish (we used a 2 qt casserole dish) and pop it into the freezer to get it nice and cold.

After sorting the popsicles, place all of them back into the freezer to keep them from thawing out and only take out one color at a time as you are using it.

Fun Snow Cone Recipe How do you make slushy
Prepping for Snow Cone.

  • We started with grape at the bottom; open each grape popsicle and dump into a smaller bowl and crush them up. Be careful not to mush it up to the point that they are melting! (We eventually found it easier to crush them with a glass while still unopened and then dump them into the bowl and mix together.)
  • Dump the smashed up bits into the glass dish that has been waiting in the freezer, and smooth it out with a fork or spoon.
Make a Bowl full of slushies for a kids birthday party
Layering Popsicle Shaved Ice for a Rainbow Effect.
  • Repeat with each color! Be sure to place glass dish back into the freezer between each color to prevent colors from running together.
How do you make a homemade slushie for a party?
Time to Party and Eat a yummy homemade slushy.

This would be great for birthday parties or pitch-ins, but we made it just because!

Rainbow Slushie Recipe Slushy
Rainbow Ice in a giant slushy. No cone needed.

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Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.


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