Classroom Snowman Craft for Door: Pin it Online Scavenger Hunt

Classroom Snowman Ideas for Preschool and Elementary

(Updated with Styrofoam Snowman Tutorial - 2016) So, you want to make a snowman for your classroom door or bulletin board. It's so cool, but how do you do it? Check out this Styrofoam cup SNOWMAN entered in a teacher's door decorating contest. 

Did you know you can pin posts from your blog or pictures of your classroom door on our Pinterest board for teachers. Scroll down the page for more classroom snowman decoration ideas. Enjoy!

Preschool Classroom door snowman from Styrofoam cups
Snowman Uploaded by Tiffany Cone Webb 
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Styrofoam Snowman: originally pinned by Barbara Grant and Jennifer O. This Classroom Door snowman was designed for a door decorating contest. Yes, he won! But, the question is- How do you make a snowman for the classroom door from Styrofoam cups? The serious answer is very, very carefully with lots of patience. 

Good news! We found a video that shows how to make balls from plastic cups. In the video, you'll see that they make two halves and attach them to form a ball. So, you'll only need to make one half and then attach it to the wall.  Good luck, you are going to need it!

How to Make a Snowman from Plastic or Styrofoam Cups:

We tried this several times. We finally made something resembling a circle, but never felt it was good enough to share. However, we tried it with tiny medicine cups which were difficult to staple and using glue to attach Styrofoam cups together. The method in the video with regular size cups stapled together seems to work, but the circles are difficult to get perfectly round.

Winners from the original Pinterest Scavenger Hunt Contest:

Fav pin  (7/16) once again pinned by @Dawn Tryggestad Marelli  Snowpeople.

pre school snowmen snowman for classroom
The original source seems to be a teacher's album 

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