Classroom Snowman Craft for Door: Pin it Online Scavenger Hunt

Classroom Snowman Ideas for Preschool and Elementary

Updated with Styrofoam Cup Snowman Tutorial and more Snowmen from our Pinterest friends who tired it! So, you want to make a plastic cup snowman for your classroom door or bulletin board. It's so cool, but how do you do it? Check out this Styrofoam cup SNOWMAN entered in a teacher's door decorating contest. 

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Did you know you can pin posts from your blog or pictures of your classroom door on our Pinterest board for teachers. We also have a Pinterest board just for Snowmen Stuff, just send a message in Pinterest with a request to join.

Scroll down the page for our favorite classroom snowman decoration ideas and the how to make the door snowman from plastic cups. Enjoy!

Preschool Classroom door snowman from Styrofoam cups
Snowman Uploaded by Tiffany Cone Webb 
Click the pic to follow her on Pinterest.

Styrofoam Cup Snowman: This Classroom Door snowman was designed for a door decorating contest. Yes, he won! But, the question is...

How do you make a snowman for a classroom door from Styrofoam cups

The serious answer is very, very carefully with lots of patience. Plastic Cups are easier to staple than Styrofoam cups. They also have more give when assembling the snowman. Try using sticky Velcro strips to attach your snowman creation to the door, wall, or classroom bulletin board.

This one was created by Destinie S. and uploaded to Pinterest.
Click Plastic Cup Snowman with lights to see the video with flashing lights. Great job!

Good news! We found a video that shows how to make balls from plastic cups. In the video, you'll see that they make two halves and attach them to form a ball. So, you'll only need to make one half and then attach it to the wall. However, if you make the entire ball , you can make a stand alone cup snowman decoration. Check out this cute one, made to look like Olaf from Frozen!

How to Make a Plastic Cup Snowman Decoration for Door
Plastic Cup Snowman made to look like Olaf! We found this one at diycuteness blog.

Get LEGO OLAF on Amazon.

diycuteness also shared this plastic cup snowman for the classroom door.

How to Make a Snowman from Plastic or Styrofoam Cups:

Watch the video above to learn how to make a classroom door snowman from plastic cups. In the video, it shows how to make balls to make light decorations for parties. You can adapt this method to create the snowballs to build your snowman on a door.

Get short Styrofoam cups like the plastic cups in the picture.

FYI: We tried making the Styrofoam cup snowman several times. We finally made something resembling a circle, but never felt it was a good enough snowball to share. However, we tried it with tiny medicine cups which were difficult to staple. And then, we tried using glue to attach Styrofoam cups together. The method in the video with regular size plastic cups stapled together seems to work, but the circles are difficult to get perfectly round. 

Good luck, you're going to need it!

pre school snowmen snowman for classroom
The original source seems to be a teacher's album 

  • We found some great Snowman crafts at OrientalTrading and fun, free snowman worksheets at Check out our post and follow along on Instagram to keep up with all of our crafty classroom activities! 

Winter Bulletin Board: Snowmen, Penguins, and Snowflakes on Amazon.

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Lora Langston
Lora Langston

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.


  1. The first source for my snowman said uploaded by user. Not necessarily the original pin.

    Agree that the snowman looks pretty appealing right now with this hot summer:)


  2. Hi Lora,

    I agree with you that the scavenger hunt is for fun and to share ideas. I participated a few times earlier in the year (probably March) and noticed a change when I started again in June. The participants in earlier months seem to have fewer but, I think more quality pins. Consequently, it was easier to identify items already pinned. It was also easier for Pinterest users to sort through and identify items that they really liked and wanted.

    More recently I've noticed that some pinners flood the boards with huge amounts of stuff. It is discouraging to pin some neat thing only to have buried beneath many other pins.

    When I noticed that this was happening on a regular basis, I did a slightly naughty thing and started pinning with the purpose of burying abusers pins. After all, if you can't beat them, join them. But I don't really like doing that and prefer fewer but more select pins.

    I think flooding the boards is the problem rather than who pinned what first. I'd like to see something like a maximum amount pinned at any one time. For example, 10 pins per person at one time or per day. This gives everyone a more equal chance.

    Re: A participant can only "win" every 30 days. I get a certain sense of satisfaction from getting the most pins but I don't need a prize. And I don't have a blog that gets recognized. I do think, however, that it defeats the purpose not to recognize the most pinned item. After all, we're not in kindergarten.

    More comments to confuse the issue. Barbara

  3. This is the closest to an original source as I could find for the cup snowman:

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