Farm Craft Fun with The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Make a Papercraft Barn for "The Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown 

This is a fun way to teach children about farm animals. Here is a simple craft for Preschool Curriculum: Make your own Big Red Barn and Silo with a paper envelope and cardboard toilet roll tube. Enjoy!

Farm Craft Fun Activities The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Farm Craft Fun with The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.

We made this project in our Messy Class. What better way to make a mess than red paint?

Big Red Barn Activity Craft for preschool kids Margaret Wise Brown Farm Fun Cow
Big Red Barn Preschool Papercraft.

How to Make a Big Red Barn Paper Craft

You will need:

Greeting Card Envelope

Cardboard Toilet Paper Tube
Paint (Make your own Edible Recipe Here or Water Color Paints)
Cardboard Egg Cartoon
Construction Paper or Magazine
Glue (Make Edible Paste Recipe Here)
Margaret Wise Brown's The Big Red Barn Book

The Big Red Barn By Brown Farm Crafts and Activities
Perfect preschool Farm Book: The Big Red Barn.

Open the flap on your envelope so it points to the ceiling when standing as pictured.

Paint your envelope red or your favorite barn color. (Remember it is important to let little ones make choices.) Paint your Cardboard tube to match.
Cut out and Paint one egg carton cup with a contrasting color.

While the paint is drying use construction paper or pictures from magazines to cut out animal shapes. You can trace the animals in the story on white paper and use them as shape templates for your littles to trace. Also, cut out barn doors.

If you make your own edible glue this is a super fun, sensory experience. Paste doors onto barn as pictured. Attach Egg Cup to Cardboard Tube (SILO) and attach silo to envelope. You might want to add a piece of folded tape to secure the silo.


This is my favorite part! Place your animal shapes in the envelope, read the story, and remove the animals making animal sounds as they appear in the story. 

Find a fun Snack for Goodnight Moon.

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Tip: Our Favorite Edible Paint Recipe is MILK PAINT.

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