Make Your Own Storybook Block Puzzle: Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse_Little Golden Books

Learn How to Make a Storybook Puzzle from Old Blocks

In this addition of, Things to Make at Home, we recycle children's books. Your kids' story books can grow up with them. Use those old foam baby blocks and worn out Little Golden Books to make a fun puzzle for the kids. The pages trim to fit a 3x3 block pattern. Enjoy!

How to make a storybook block puzzle

Recycle old books into puzzles and toys for children.

Use glue to adhere the pages to the aligned blocks.
Let dry completely- up to an hour.
Trust me, patience is not only a virtue but a requirement.
If you don't wait for it to dry, it will turn into a disaster.

When the first page is dry, take an Exact-o knife and cut through the block seams.

Cutting through the paper.

Once row is separated flip it, and align again.

Repeat until all side are covered. 
Don't worry if the paper edges aren't even.

Things to Make at Home

Trim the paper edges after each paste.

story block 6 sided puzzle

Completed Story Block.

Turn you old books into 6 sided puzzles

Blocks are ready to Modge Podge, let set, and play!

Some blocks stuck to the board and ripped, but this is easily repaired in the final step with the Modge Podge. Even if some of the image is removed, it still makes a nice picture. If you're stuck on perfection you can take an extra step and cut the squares out before pasting to the blocks. If you cut them out individually, make them slightly smaller than the face of the block. This leaves a nice outline around each image and gives the puzzle a more professional feel when complete.

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