Disney on Ice World's of Fantasy at Banker's Life Fieldhouse: Tow Mater Steals the Show

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We saw Disney on Ice World's of Fantasy at Banker's Life Fieldhouse last night, and Tow Mater stole the show! At least, that's what my eight-year-old son thought. He grinned from ear to ear astonished at seeing Tow Mater in the flesh. It was truly life coming full circle for us.

Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Tow Mater

You see, in 2004, I attended Disney on Ice, Monster's Inc. when he was just a bun in the oven. I'd never seen anything like it. I couldn't wait to take him one day. Well, apparently, I waited one or two days too long. He hated  The Little Mermaid, growled through Tinkerbell, and complained Toy Story was boring and for babies. Good thing I brought his 6-year-old sis along. She loved Cars, endured The Little Mermaid, adored Tinkerbell, and giggled through Toy Story.

When asked, What was your favorite part? My son said, "The only thing good was Tow Mater, he had a real amber light just like on Daddy's plow." And, my daughter said, "The queen looked real and Tinkerbell really looked like Tinkerbell. Here's what I didn't like about Toy Story: the boy's hair looked like plastic, but the girl's hair (you know, Barbie) looked like real."

Maybe, I had too many years to build up my anticipation, but I preferred the magic in the Monster's Inc. version. The Little Mermaid was a beautiful display of skating artistry. In kid speak that spells boring. In fact, the daddy slept through it, but to be fair, he'd only had two hours of sleep the night before. My favorite part was also Tow Mater. Who doesn't love him? Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy hosted. As much as I hate to say it, I think they are has-beens. Please don't tell Mickey, I loved him. He was one of the very first dolls in my collection. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Goofy Disney on Ice

This show catered to the preschoolers and the princesses. Perfect, if you have either. My little, spirited "Princess" sat still all through Tinkerbell.  Now, that was truly magical!


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