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Best Pet Beds for Medium and Large Dogs

Comfy Pet Bed for Dogs

If you are looking for a great dog bed, the Runyon Deluxe Pet Bed from Brentwood Home is one of the best pet beds for medium and large dogs. It is roomy enough for two medium sized dogs or lots of little ones. We were given this super durable, comfy pet bed for review. Guess what? We've got one for you too. Scroll to the bottom of this post for details. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.*

Best Pet Beds for Medium and Large Dogs
Best Pet Beds for Medium and Large Dogs.

Tips for Busy Families on the Go

Is your busy family always on the go? You need tips to make life easier!

We keep busy with lots of academic activities, but we also love to hike, swim, and play outdoors. As homeschoolers, we are involved in a special playgroup that enjoys playtime in local parks, roller skating, jump centers, and educational field trips. It seems, like many other busy families, we are always on the go and looking for tips to make life easier and less hectic.

Visiting an Aquarium
Enjoying learning about different species of fish.

Also, as busy homeschoolers, we search for special activities for physical education and fitness that can be a valuable educational experience. We are always coming up with new ways to learn while having fun. We especially love outdoor activities, but that can lead to cuts, scrapes, and allergies.

Tips for Busy Families on the Go
Dolphin and Manatee hunting in a kayak with Grandpa on the Manatee River.

When you head out for a hike or to go exploring the Manatee River in a kayak, it is important to always have a first aid kit, extra clothes, water bottles, bug spray, and we take allergy meds and Epipens too! Active families need to function like a team and be ready for just about anything. Now, we can take Puracyn® Plus along too. Puracyn® Plus is the first step in first aid. It helps clean wounds and is less irritating than peroxide or alcohol and more effective than soap and water. I find it amazing that it is safe for the eyes, ears, and mouth too! 

Puracyn® Plus is a convenient alternative to the otherwise messy job of cleansing the wound area, can be applied on the spot and on-the-go, and it won’t cause cell damage the way hydrogen peroxide can. It is the perfect addition to your first aid kits saving you the need for several different products.

We needed our Puracyn® Plus during Spring Break. Mayhem was excited about kayaking with Grandpa on the Manatee River. When she ran to the kayak, her clothes got stuck and toppled over a giant, concrete pelican! Then, when she hopped into the kayak, the tear from the pelican incident caught onto something in the kayak and scraped her leg. The pants are beyond repair, but her leg recovered nicely with a little help from Puracyn® Plus.

Getting some swimming in after a long road trip.

Now through March 27th, enter the Play to Win with #TeamPuracynPlus Giveaway on the Puracyn® Plus Facebook page for the chance to be one of three randomly selected winners to receive a Puracyn® Plus Sports Emergency Kit, including a $50 gift card to a sporting goods store of your choice and Puracyn® Plus product. Join us on Pinterest too.

#TeamPuracynPlus Giveaway
Enter to win a Puracyn® Plus Sports Emergency Kit.

New Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound and Skin Cleanser is the next generation first step in first aid for cleansing, debriding and hydrating wounds, and is formulated with a pH balanced, hypochlorous solution, designed to improve the most essential part of the wound treatment process – preparation of the wound bed. If you have diabetes, Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash and Skin Cleanser is essential in helping to make foot care part of your daily self-care routine. To learn more about the brand visit
This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. All opinions, text, and experiences are my own.”
To learn more about the Puracyn® Plus, LIKE the brand on Facebook and follow the brand on Pinterest. This is a product-sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound and Skin Cleanser. The opinions and text are all mine.


Chick-fil-A New Premium Salads Menu Items and Gift Card Giveaway

Chick-fil-A launched new menu items on April 29, 2013.  

The premium salads aren't fast food. Think fancy salad in a nice sit down restaurant. That's exactly what they did for us.  To help spread the word Chick-fil-A in Avon, Indiana had a salad tasting party for me and 9 guests. 

I invited oh so many lovely ladies who could not attend the garden style party, so we took some men who looked a little out of sync with the surroundings. It turned out to be a great idea!  The men wouldn't ordinarily order "girly" salads, but after tasting the new premium salads they were sold.

Chick-fil-a New Premium Salads Menu Items and Gift Card Giveaway
Our cast of garden party characters.  That's me second on the right.
When the kids were younger, I often met friends for play dates at our local Chick-fil-A.  The kids love the chicken. For me, the menu seemed limited.  I am so excited about these new salad and wrap options.  We got to taste each salad and add special toppings.  My favorite was the Grilled Market Salad loaded with strawberries, blueberries, bleu cheese crumbles, apples, grilled chicken, and zesty apple cider vinaigrette with only 180 calories.

healthy fast food alternatives
These salads are a healthy fast food alternative.

The Asian Salad has only 330 calories. I didn't think I would like this one. Thank goodness for the tasting party!  Honey-Thai almonds give the salad a little kick. The best part about these salad is you can mix and match the premium, freshly prepared ingredients. So, if you like the almonds order them on your cobb salad.

The cobb salad is loaded with 440 calories of Chick-fil-A goodness. The original breaded chicken tops this salad that is packed with fresh veggies and paired with a delectable avocado lime ranch dressing. Mmm, it is so good!

Healthy Chicken Wrap
They've updated their chicken wrap too!

Garden Party gift idea with terra cotta pots and goodies
Look at these adorable favors!  Terra cotta pots filled with gardening items.
Thanks to Ashley and the lovely staff who made us feel comfortable even though we brought burly men and red mohawks to a ladie's garden party. It was so nice to feel pampered. They boxed up the salad leftovers, and I had enough for two more meals! 

Are you hungry yet?  I've got gift cards good for one salad of your choice in June and July. Sign up for our free newsletter for your chance to win.  Already signed up?  Leave a comment below including the words, "eat more chicken".  :)

Interested in Amish Life in Lancaster County? We've got a giveaway for Wanda E. Brunstetter's Novels

Do you find Amish life intriguing? There are large populations of Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and many areas of Indiana. Wanda E. Brunstetter writes about the Amish in her series of Lancaster County Saga novels, The Discovery, parts 1-6. You have a chance to win in this giveaway for a preloaded Kindle.

Amish Life in Lancaster County Book Review and Giveaway
Go to Facebook to download the first chapter for free.
The first book in the series, "Goodbye to Yesterday" focuses on the life of young, Amish couple, Luke and Meredith Stoltzfus. Meredith has a secret she is dying to share with her husband, but after he loses a job she decides to keep her secret. She doesn't want to add to her husband's stress. Over the course of the book, she worries about her husband taking her job and duties as A wife very seriously. Little does she know something is about to happen to her husband. Luke travels to Indiana and meets with trouble along the way. His Amish upbringing has left him a little naive about the ways of people outside of Lancaster County.

I’m excited to be participating in the Discovery Saga online scavenger hunt. For full details on the hunt and how you can participate (and possibly win an Amazon Kindle) please go to the Discovery Saga Scavenger Hunt

Okay, Discovery Saga scavenger hunters—the next clue will be posted tomorrow at Rose Knows Coupons. Go visit to find the next word.

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Disney on Ice World's of Fantasy at Banker's Life Fieldhouse: Tow Mater Steals the Show

Tow Mater Printable Coloring Page

We saw Disney on Ice World's of Fantasy at Banker's Life Fieldhouse last night, and Tow Mater stole the show! At least, that's what my eight-year-old son thought. He grinned from ear to ear astonished at seeing Tow Mater in the flesh. It was truly life coming full circle for us.

Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Tow Mater

You see, in 2004, I attended Disney on Ice, Monster's Inc. when he was just a bun in the oven. I'd never seen anything like it. I couldn't wait to take him one day. Well, apparently, I waited one or two days too long. He hated  The Little Mermaid, growled through Tinkerbell, and complained Toy Story was boring and for babies. Good thing I brought his 6-year-old sis along. She loved Cars, endured The Little Mermaid, adored Tinkerbell, and giggled through Toy Story.

When asked, What was your favorite part? My son said, "The only thing good was Tow Mater, he had a real amber light just like on Daddy's plow." And, my daughter said, "The queen looked real and Tinkerbell really looked like Tinkerbell. Here's what I didn't like about Toy Story: the boy's hair looked like plastic, but the girl's hair (you know, Barbie) looked like real."

Maybe, I had too many years to build up my anticipation, but I preferred the magic in the Monster's Inc. version. The Little Mermaid was a beautiful display of skating artistry. In kid speak that spells boring. In fact, the daddy slept through it, but to be fair, he'd only had two hours of sleep the night before. My favorite part was also Tow Mater. Who doesn't love him? Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy hosted. As much as I hate to say it, I think they are has-beens. Please don't tell Mickey, I loved him. He was one of the very first dolls in my collection. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Goofy Disney on Ice

This show catered to the preschoolers and the princesses. Perfect, if you have either. My little, spirited "Princess" sat still all through Tinkerbell.  Now, that was truly magical!


Free Disney Pumpkin Templates

Tow Mater Blanket and Pillow Set*

I've got another giveaway for Indiana! Who wants to go to Disney on Ice?

You know you want to go to see Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy with Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, and the Little Mermaid. Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy! 

All you have to do is comment below for one entry. We'll have tickets waiting for you. Join Tow Mater, Woody and more for a fun evening on the ice Wednesday, January 23, 2013. For additional entries subscribe to our Newsletter + 10 or Like Kids Creative Chaos on Facebook + 10. You must respond to email within 24 hours or forfeit prize. Rafflecopter will choose the winner. You don't have to win to attend! Use the code below for discount tickets.

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy!  
January 23-27, 2013  
at Bankers Life Fieldhouse 

Discount Code for Disney on Ice 
Code:  SAVE4
$4 off all performances (excluding opening night)
Valid on $24 tickets, Valid NOW - Jan. 22, 2013
Limit of 6 tickets - Available on-line only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Feld Entertainment has generously donated the giveaway tickets.

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What to Expect Book Trilogy Giveaway for Pin it! Online Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest

We do this fun, interactive scavenger hunt over on Pinterest. Each week, a group of "pinners" search for keywords relating to Preschool Curriculum Ideas. We have a very active group of preschool teachers and mommy bloggers playing. You can follow and get great ideas or request to join as a collaborative pinner. If you join, the board will show up on your Pinterest page and you can pin directly to the scavenger hunt.

This week's winner is Dawn Marelli, a preschool teacher. Follow her on Pinterest to keep up with the many great ideas for the classroom!

For a complete list of rules of the game, join our Facebook Forum. This is a great place to chat with other preschool teachers and crafty bloggers to share ideas. You can also keep in touch with the blog on Facebook ~ Kids Creative Chaos.

Each week, we give away a surprise to the person who received the most re-pins on their image/post. This week's winner won a fabulous trilogy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" books. The old stand by is there with updates, as well as, "What to Expect in the First Year" and "What to Expect Before You're Expecting."  Visit their website for a full list of available books, info for your pregnancy, and even to chat with other moms. Keep in touch with What to Expect on Facebook too!

Special Thanks to them for sponsoring this post and our weekly giveaway.

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S.I.M.P. Squirrels in My Pants: Disney's Phineas and Ferb the BEST Live Tour Ever

What Does SIMP stand for? Ask Phineas and Ferb!

So, the show started out odd. I mean, way odd. We drove in only 45 minutes early and got a parking space directly across from the stadium for only $5, and it was nearly empty. That can't be good- right? I said nothing.

Banker's Life Fieldhouse.

My eight-year-old son feared Phineas and Ferb would just be people in costumes, so when the girl came out to prep the crowd he said, "Hey, this might not be so bad after all; I like it."  

I said nothing. 

She asked trivia, had them singing and dancing, and got everyone psyched- including Mr. Downer.

Getting psyched pre-show.

Then, a cartoon came on- Mr. Downer said, "Hey, this might be okay. I didn't know it was a movie."  

Again, I said nothing.
Phineas and Ferb for real.

Phineas and Ferb slid onto the stage straight out of the movie. Mr. Downer crossed his arms over his chest and said, "See! I was right after all. This is going to be dumb just like I said."

I said nothing.

We love Perry the Platypus.

But, when Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz hit the scene, I caught him leaning forward in his seat and smiling, of course; I said nothing.

Perry was a hit. Did I mention, we just love Perry?  Anyway, all was going well until a mash-up scene with giant beach balls golf balls. The entertainers actors tossed the balls out into the crowd. 

How fun! Everyone cheered and Mr. Downer smiled, but so did Daddy. He was having the best time; he sang all the songs; he batted the ball that finally came to our seats... did I mention he was having a great time?

Stupid Daddy, he batted the ball away. Mr. Downer was excited to hit it. It was clearly the highlight of the show. Little sister, Mayhem stood in her chair, and Daddy was oblivious. That was that; the ball never came back to us.

Sister cried and put her head under her chair. Brother crossed his arms over his chest and said, "That was the worst show ever!"

I said nothing, but I scowled at Daddy. He shrugged his shoulders, "What? I thought it was going to hit them on the head." Giant, cushy balloon Daddy, poor excuse.
Final Scene with lots of fun confetti.

Confetti, magical confetti. Did you know it has healing properties? Even as they tried to kick us out the kids collected confetti.

Oh, the confetti.
So, what was your favorite part of the show?  "I liked the confetti!"  Well, that's fair, I mean they spent a lot of money on the Monster Truck, performers, and those Squirrel Pants were pretty funny, (I'll be singing that song forever: "S-I-M-P. Squirrels in my pants. I've got squirrels in my pants.") but if you liked the confetti who am I to judge? 

Oh, wait. I only thought that; what I said was... 


Ringling Brothers Dragons.

Can't wait for Disney on Ice, Worlds of Fantasy with
Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear.  

Bring a fat wallet for party favors.

The show was a little long for little ones, and it was a school night. Many seats were empty, but I think everyone must have been at the COLTS game. I mean, I liked the show. I thought it was fun. You should go- just don't let your Dad come.



Just Add Water System

With all the messy crafts and kid's cooking projects we do on a regular basis, I could start my own landfill with empty bottles of cleaning supplies. So, when the opportunity arose to review a greener alternative landed in my inbox, I jumped on it. I'm so glad I did!

JAWS is awesome. You get an empty bottle, an insert-able cartridge, and a refill pack. Jaws doesn't have an offensive odor and it hasn't irritated my allergies like other products do.  When you've cleaned all those messes and need more cleaner just head to your local Marsh for a new cartridge to insert into your old bottle.  Just add water...

I'm giving away a full-size bottle of all the products with refill cartridges!

Comment below for 1 entry.
For 2 entries Like Kids Creative Chaos on Facebook.
For 3 entries Like Jaws on Facebook.
For 4 Entries Like Playconnection on Twitter.

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Reindeer Cap, 5 yr. old

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