Handprint Dream Catcher Paper Craft for Martin Luther King Day

Handprint DreamCatchers Paper Craft Activity for Martin Luther King Day

Looking for a Martin Luther King Day craft for kids? This dreamcatcher handprint craft will help you start a dialogue on multi-cultural inclusion and the importance of dreams. Hang it above your bed to catch your dreams. Write your dreams on the paper handprints. Teach about aspirations with an MLK Day Activity.

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Handprint Paper Craft for Martin Luther King Day Kids
Trace hands on multi-colored paper for this MLK Day Craft.

How to make a handprint dream catcher paper craft

  • Grab a paper plate, cut a circle out of the center, wrap it with crepe paper attaching with tape. 
  • Trace hand on several different colors of construction paper to represent different cultures. 
  • Glue hands with fingers entwined as shown below. 
  • To make a wreath, fold the base (palm) of the hand around the ring securing with staples. 
This is a craft for kids which offers individualism. Let them create anyway they choose and write inspiring words on each hand, drop crepe paper streamers from the paper plate hoop to make a dreamcatcher. 

They can share their handiwork and start a dialogue about what is alike with each kids' craft.

Focus: Although everyone interprets the craft a little differently we all share the ability to dream big like Martin Luther King. Click the MLK link for a companion classroom skit or stage play see stage play.

This DREAMCATCHER is designed to collect your dreams and harness them into GOALS. Remember all it takes is a Can-do attitude!

Dream Catcher Craft for MLK Day
Dream Craft for MLK Day.

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Handprint Dream Catcher Paper Craft for Martin Luther King Day


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