How to Make a Chef's Hat Cat in the Hat What's She's Wearing

Wondering How to Make a Chef's Hat? 

I suggest you make one for a child's costume and not for your cat. Your cat does not want to wear a hat. He doesn't want to wear it in a chair. He doesn't want to wear it over there. He doesn't want to wear it in the kitchen. No, I'm sorry, your cat doesn't think a hat is bitchin'. He doesn't want to wear a hat near the stair. Believe me, he doesn't want to wear a hat anywhere. Enjoy!

How to make a Chef 's Hat Costume for a Child (Not a Cat)
I cut ear holes so he couldn't squirm out as easily- fail. 
No animals were hurt in this post.

I tried to hold him very still for the picture. 
The picture is bad from all the movement.
Shaking it off. Yep, that was the hat.
"Oh geez, just get this over with, will you!"  
After three days of trying, this is the best we can do.

So, make your hat bigger for you kids.

How to make a chef hat for kids or dolls at home.
You only need paper, scissors, and tape 
to make a Chef's hat at home. That's easy :)

Make a Chef Hat Tutorial Instructions for kids How to
She's wearing a chef hat and apron.
Not shown sparkly pink shoes and lacy dress.

For a cat's hat or doll's hat, use 8 1/2 x 11 paper. For a child's hat, use legal size paper or tape two sheets of letter size paper together. Now draw a line (or eyeball it) about 2" from the edge of the paper. Next, cut strips about 2" wide to your line. Your paper will look like giant fringe. Take the fringe and gently fold it over the edge of your 2" border. Tape it down and repeat. When all of the fringe pieces are taped down wrap the paper around your cat/child/doll's head to measure for proper fit. Tape to secure. Now you know how to make a hat for a cat  child's costume for an impromptu session of creative play! Would also make a great hat for a teddy bear.

Does your cat like to wear clothes? Here's our "Little Rascals" style KCC Kid's Video Mayhem bakes bread in the  "Sweet Shop".

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