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20 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

DIY Halloween Costumes

Looking for SUPER EASY homemade Halloween DIY Costume Ideas for Kids? Over the years, we've thrown together a ton of quick Halloween costumes for kids. Pre-teens and Teens love them too. All of our costume ideas are no-sew and most were made by Mayhem! She loves to create something from nothing. All are easy to throw together in an afternoon. So, what will you be for Halloween? 

20 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for kids and teens.

Do you have Transformer fans like we do? This Optimus Prime costume made from a box is the bomb! It even transforms to a truck when not in use. Way to go, ModernKiddo.

Optimus Prime Homemade Costume from ModernKiddo.

We know your baby is super, so show the world with this fun DIY Clark Kent costume from CostumeWorks. Tip: Works for super Dads too!

Clark Kent DIY Costume from CostumeWorks.

Do you have a teenage boy who needs a Halloween costume? Try this head-in-a-jar costume from ThirtyHandmadeDays. They've got an amazing tutorial!

DIY Jar Head Costume by ThirtyHandmadeDays. 

More Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids from Kids Creative Chaos

If you try any of these diy Halloween Costume Ideas for kids and teens please share your images on our Facebook page.

Hope you have an amazing Halloween!

How to Make a Rooster or Chicken Hat Band Mask or What She's Not Wearing Wednesday

Looking for an Easy Chicken Hat Tutorial?

Chickens: Rooster, Hen, Pullet, Cockerel or Cock. Whatever you call them, we're on a kick. Our baby chicks are six-weeks-old, and we adopted three duckling companions for them. We're still waiting to see if they turn out to be girls or boys. The waiting is the hardest part. Enjoy!

In the meantime, we are crafting chickens. We've made a chicken hat/ mask for the littles. It's an easy craft for preschool kids. Pair it with The Little Red Hen for a fun companion class lesson. Hopefully, they'll be happy to wear their new cap. You could even perform a little chicken play skit.

how big are 4 week old baby Pekin ducks ducklings
Baby Pekin Ducks, four weeks old. 
They don't want to wear a chicken hat.

Mayhem was not in the mood to wear a chicken hat. So, this post is what she's not wearing. Shh... I'll tell you what she is wearing. She marched upstairs and found a pair of hand-me-down khaki shorts which she paired with last year's favorite rainbow striped dress. This year, it is more like a polo shirt. Maybe she'll be back to her DIVA self next week. In the meantime, hope you enjoy crafting construction paper chicken or rooster hats with the kids.

How to make a rooster chicken hat band mask preschool play costume
Chicken hat for Little Red Hen play skit.
  • Cut two, two inch strips down the length of the construction paper. 
  • Measure one strip band to child's head. Glue ends together. 
  • Now fold the other strip in half to form the chicken's beak. 
  • Bend in half until ends meet, glue together, and attach beak to hat band strip. 
  • Cut out the comb and wattle as pictured 
  • Paste wattle to beak, draw two black circles for nose holes. We cut out two paper "chicken combs" and glued to a piece of cardboard to make the comb stand tall. 
  • Score a slit in each end of the comb and slide into hat band. Ta da!
You've got a preschool chicken costume in less than 15 minutes! 

Here's an idea for a kid's flower hat band or did you ever wonder how to make a chef's hat for kids? Or maybe a Phineas Birthday Party Hat for kids...

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Elizabeth, our "marches to the beat of a different drummer, "Wyandotte Chicken - 4 months old.

How to Make a Chef's Hat Cat in the Hat What's She's Wearing

Wondering How to Make a Chef's Hat? 

I suggest you make one for a child's costume and not for your cat. Your cat does not want to wear a hat. He doesn't want to wear it in a chair. He doesn't want to wear it over there. He doesn't want to wear it in the kitchen. No, I'm sorry, your cat doesn't think a hat is bitchin'. He doesn't want to wear a hat near the stair. Believe me, he doesn't want to wear a hat anywhere. Enjoy!

How to make a Chef 's Hat Costume for a Child (Not a Cat)
I cut ear holes so he couldn't squirm out as easily- fail. 
No animals were hurt in this post.

I tried to hold him very still for the picture. 
The picture is bad from all the movement.
Shaking it off. Yep, that was the hat.
"Oh geez, just get this over with, will you!"  
After three days of trying, this is the best we can do.

So, make your hat bigger for you kids.

How to make a chef hat for kids or dolls at home.
You only need paper, scissors, and tape 
to make a Chef's hat at home. That's easy :)

Make a Chef Hat Tutorial Instructions for kids How to
She's wearing a chef hat and apron.
Not shown sparkly pink shoes and lacy dress.

For a cat's hat or doll's hat, use 8 1/2 x 11 paper. For a child's hat, use legal size paper or tape two sheets of letter size paper together. Now draw a line (or eyeball it) about 2" from the edge of the paper. Next, cut strips about 2" wide to your line. Your paper will look like giant fringe. Take the fringe and gently fold it over the edge of your 2" border. Tape it down and repeat. When all of the fringe pieces are taped down wrap the paper around your cat/child/doll's head to measure for proper fit. Tape to secure. Now you know how to make a hat for a cat  child's costume for an impromptu session of creative play! Would also make a great hat for a teddy bear.

Does your cat like to wear clothes? Here's our "Little Rascals" style KCC Kid's Video Mayhem bakes bread in the  "Sweet Shop".

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Or you could just... Buy a Chef's Hat for Kids Costume*

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Jake's Journey in Art Mask Making 101: Phineas Mask and African Art Mask for Mardi Gras

How to make a Phineas Mask for Mardi Gras or Halloween Costume. Tip: It starts with a birthday party hat.

This latest in a series of Jake's Journey homeschool projects teaches the art of Mask Making and formal balance. We included a tutorial to make an African Art Pende Mask and a Phineas mask which is a little more fun for kids. You might also enjoy this Mardi Gras Bird Mask. Enjoy!

How to Make a Phineas Costume Mask Art Project
How to make a Phineas Mask 
for Mardi Gras, Halloween, or a Birthday Party Hat.

You need a cardboard birthday party hat, a cereal box, egg carton, gift bag, and construction paper. First, draw Phineas' hair (think reindeer antler.) Cut two sections, glue  a red gift bag (as pictured) or construction paper pattern onto the cardboard, let dry, and cut out. Cut a 2" slit in the center of the base of each hair piece, and slide them into each other. Next, cut about 1" off the top of the party hat. 

Draw pattern as pictured on paper folded in half.

Pattern for How to make Phineas and Ferb Hat Mask Costume
It should look like this, cut two.

Take the hair piece and insert it into the hole in the top of the hat. Secure on the inside with tape.  Now, take your birthday party hat and wrap it in pink construction paper and tape with clear tape where it overlaps. Grab a second piece of pink construction paper and holding it in a cone shape, insert it inside the base of the party hat and attach with tape. For this step, it is helpful to have another set of hands. Push the interior cone to the front and attach a hairband inside the hat. Cut out two egg holders from the egg carton, color the center for eyes and attach (hot glues works best) to the front of your hat/mask.  Place the headband on your head as shown in the above picture. Voila!

You might also like to make a Perry the Platypus costume from a cardboard box. 

How to make Masks for kids Phineas and African Art  Homeschool Projects
Make your own Phineas and Ferb Mask 
for a Costume from a birthday party hat.

Masks are a great way to teach the art of formal balance when both sides are exactly alike. Mask can look like animals, humans, or your favorite cartoon hero such as Phineas above. Make these masks to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Many tribes in African countries still use masks as part of their special occasions, or ceremonies.  Examples of Tribal African Mask  Jake chose the Pende Mask, "Panya Ngombe," which was hung above the door of the Chief's dwelling. It is a combination of human and buffalo features with incised triangular grids creating a checkerboard effect. 

Since, Jake seemed to enjoy this project, and the focus was on balance, I didn't split hairs when it came to neatness and creativity (always choose your battles).  Read more about Jake's Journey as a reluctant artist.  Anything to do with mythology, tribes, dinosaurs, he's all over it and loves to learn as much as possible, even if it means doing art!

Pende African Mask Homeschool Projects for Mardi Gras
Pende Mask.

Pattern for African Art Mask (Pende)
Right click to print the Pende Mask Pattern Printable 
(Fold your paper in half).

African Masks for Mardi Gras
Mayhem's "Cat/Person" African Mask.

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What She's Wearing Wednesday: Pirate Princess Costume: Searching for Toy Treasure

Mayhem Loves to Engage in Pirate Pretend Play

Homemade DIY Princess Pirate Costume? She's a whiz when you need to know how to make a costume from nothing. She threw on her beloved Pink Cowboy Boots , made a pink eye patch (think pipe-cleaner and foamies), and pulled a pink peasant shirt from the costume trunk. 
DIY Homemade: What She's Wearing Wednesday Pirate Princess Costume
Easy DIY Pirate Princess Costume.
Mommy added a vest and skirt from past years Halloween costumes and hoped to add a Princess crown. The girly crown was quickly vetoed, and we settled for a red bandanna headdress, homemade cardboard sword, pirate flag, and a shovel for treasure digging.

Pirate Princess for Outdoor Play
Pirate Princess for outdoor play.

She searched high and low for the perfect digging spot, collected "golden" leaves for treasure, and then staked her claim by positioning her pirate flag on the big red "X" on her trusty treasure map. 

It was hard work, but she knew it was worth it. You see, her treasure map described the treasure as this Princess Chest for Girls.

The Treasure chest closes up and makes a great carry along for car trips or quick visits to Grandma's house. Mayhem especially likes the animal figures included in the set. Tesco direct offers all kinds of great gift ideas for toys for girls and boys as wells as gifts for the entire family. 

Mayhem is busy digging up many more toys for her wishlist and letter to Santa on the Tesco toy page. We hope you enjoy all of her coming adventures in fun and fashion. In the meantime, dig into your own life, and go create some fun, family memories with an impromptu session of dress up and creative play.

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Things to do with a Box: Homemade DIY Disney Perry the Platypus

How to make a Perry the Platypus Costume for Halloween

Got a box? Got an hour? Make a homemade costume for creative play, trick or treating, or a fun spontaneous parade. We saw an episode of Phineas and Ferb and Candace was wearing a Perry Costume. We had to make our own Perry the Playtpus Homemade Costume for Halloween. Enjoy!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

diy how to make a perry the platypus costume for halloween
Perry the Platypus costume to make at home.
So, I was surfing Facebook and caught this photo of Candace dressed in a Perry the Platypus costume, and I immediately knew I'd be recreating it for the blog. What a great idea for creative play- Box recycling. I mean, who doesn't love a box?

Candace as Perry the Platypus.
Who indeed? Of course, the family cat loves a box.

How to make a Perry the Platypus Costume

First, I grabbed an old box. Then, I tried to match Perry's teal color with paint I had on hand. I got a drab teal by mixing blue + white + a dash of red.


I didn't want to go to the store. It was hurricane weather- even Indiana was cold and windy. So, I searched my stash of junk and found old paper plates, squished turquoise crepe paper garland, Styrofoam circles, and lucky me an old, beige fedora!

Start by taping an end to the back, and then line glue all around 
and attach the crepe paper.
Paint your beak orange.
Paint a mouth on one side.
Attach paper plate beak to inside with tape.
Cut out paper eyeball and wrap crepe over for eyebrows.


  • Insert kid as Candace. 
  • Find Phineas and Ferb Friends. 

This took a couple of hours. Of course, you can always save time or effort and choose to buy costumes from fancy costume shops online such as but I loved that we had everything on hand and could recycle my craft supplies. Full Disclosure: I ran out of crepe, so I made sure to cover the front and let the sides go with just paint.


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How to make a Counting Sheep costume for Halloween

How to make a sheep costume for Halloween

how to make a sheep costume with cottonballs

Guest post written by Liz Hughes

It's always a struggle to come up with a good group Halloween costume theme for me and my roommates. In the years past we went as the three blind mice and then the Spice Girls. But this year I decided that I just wanted to go as something that would include an outfit that is comfortable and warm.

I started looking online for some ideas about what I could convince my friends to dress up as and I came up with the idea to dress up as counting sheep.

Making a sheep costume has been pretty easy. I bought some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I can't decided if I want to bother putting cotton batting or balls on it to make it look better. But I might just stick a number on the costume. I think my roommates are glad that I chose something that's so comfortable and easy to pull off, especially in comparison to the Spice Girls! I think that they'll never forgive me for that idea after they had to walk around in platform shoes and short skirts on a cold Halloween night.