How to Make a Paper Valentine Treat Basket for Mom Gift as a Classroom Project.

Make a Paper Valentine Treat Basket (a great gift for Mom)

This paper basket craft is easy for kids and can be made for an Easter or Valentine's Day gift with a simple change of colors. Add a bunny or an egg for a fun, festive diy Easter Basket. Enjoy!

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How to make a valentine treat basket for Mom gift

Valentine Gift for Mom kids can make.

Follow the steps as pictured then add embellishments such as crepe paper, heart cut-outs, and glitter. Poke a hole in two opposite sides and insert two braided (twisted) pipe-cleaners forming a handle. Inside the basket, make a "t"with the pipe-cleaner to lock in place. Fill your paper Valentine treat basket with candy or trinkets when complete. It makes a great classroom project valentine for friends.

Use a paper plate as a pattern, trace onto construction paper, and fold on the lines shown.

Fold corners in , glue, and tape to secure.

Paper base should look like this when done folding.

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Paper Valentine Treat Basket


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