How to make washing soap or safe homemade dish detergent recipe

Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent at Home

It seems like everyone has a recipe for how to make washing soap or homemade dish detergent. Everyday, at least one pops op on Pinterest. I'm a little concerned by the ingredient list. Almost every recipe calls for Borax. Borax is toxic, it's bad enough we use it on our clothes or to make putty for a kid's craft. 

Yikes! I don't want that on my dishes (especially on those plastic items your aren't supposed to be washing due to chemicals being released at high temps). I imagine some toxins leach in too. What's a poor, stressed mommy to do? Make your own safe green detergent recipe. Enjoy!

How to make washing soap or homemade dish detergent
Washed with homemade dish detergent we made.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Recipe

1 Tbs. Table Salt, 1 Tbs. Ice Cream Salt, 1 Tsp. (capful) Lemon Juice, 1 Tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 Tbs. Vinegar

I premix the salts and store them in an airtight container near the dishwasher and then scoop them out as needed into the dishwasher tray. 

Then, I pour in a capful of lemon juice, add the hydrogen peroxide to the prewash container and the vinegar to the rinse compartment. 

I have also added a Tsp. baking soda which helps keep your dishwasher clean and fresh, but sometimes it leaves a residue on the dishes. So, if you want to clean your dishwasher, add baking soda and run it without any dishes inside. 

Tip: (From Dishwasher Repairman) If you run the hot water in the sink before and a minute or two after you start the cycle it helps prevent soap and lime build up on the coils of your dishwasher. Also, I like to keep a spray bottle of equal parts vinegar and water handy to spray on dishes with dried on food. It seems to help. Now your safe. As for your dishwasher, IDK- read the manual. Not using regular store bought soap could void your warranty.


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