Saint Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids: Perfect for Circle Time

Planning a themed Saint Patrick's Day Party? 

These easy games can be played with one child or moreTry some leprechaun approved games for kids. Use these Saint Patrick's Day games in a circle time setting with preschoolers or early elementary school. Enjoy!

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Saint Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids.

Lucky's Coins: Great for Preschoolers 

(only 1 player necessary)

Silly leprechaun! The cat startled him and in his hurry to get away he spilled his coins from his pot of gold. Follow the coin trail, collect the coins, and be the first to find Lucky's hiding spot.

Make pots of gold and little leprechaun hats from cardboard tubes. You can make gold coins or buy them at the dollar store. 

Did you know if you catch a leprechaun he has to grant you three wishes? 

Give little pots of  gold or mini leprechaun hats to each child. Hide the coins all around the house (like the Easter Bunny does) and send your kids on a hunt for the gold treasure. The one who finds the most wins. But who will find where the leprechaun is hiding? Hide dollar store leprechauns at the end of the rainbow/coin trail.  
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Jump to the end of the Rainbow: 

(Fun PE game for homeschoolers of all ages)

How to Play game: 

Find an area inside or outside where you can mark 6 - 8' in a straight line. Add a SENSORY PLAY element by using a roll of bubble wrap!

Write the name of the player(s) on a fake gold coin. To add an ART element to the game have the kids make their own coins with cardboard and construction paper. Coins will be used to mark their landing spot.

Now the fun begins! Tell the players they need to get in shape if they want to find the coins at the end of the rainbow. This game will improve jumping skills.

Each player stands at one end of the bubble wrap or marked area. (An easy way to mark a start and finish line is with jump rope or masking tape.) With both feet together, he swings his arms back and jumps forward as far as he can. 

Leprechauns use magic to boost their jumps. Think positively as you prepare to jump and see if you can find inner magic to jump higher each time!

Mark the spot where the back of the heel lands with the coin. 

Now for a MATH ELEMENT, measure the distance from the start line to the coin. How far did you jump?

Try several times to see if you can make it all the way to the end of the rainbow!

Little Leprechaun Corners:

Preschoolers and early elementary kids will love this game. The winner is totally random. How's your Irish luck?

To play this game you will need Construction Paper in rainbow colors, a leprechaun hat, and music.

Find a room with four corners. Now, place a color in each corner. Rug sample squares work nicely, but you can also tape construction paper to the floor or wall.

Next, find some music. To help students learn about Irish culture find bagpipe music or Irish ballads. Now, tell the players when the music plays they must move around anyway they want. This is the perfect time to go crazy and shake the sillies out! When the music stops they must  run to a corner. 

When all players have chosen a corner, pull a rainbow color out of a leprechaun hat.  Everyone in that corner is out and must sit down. Start the music again and repeat until there is one child left in a corner! 

Let this child wear the leprechaun hat for the day! 

St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Book*

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