Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook Coloring Pages for Kids

Printable Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Coloring Sheets for Teens

That silly Tinker Bell always so stubborn and jealous. It's a wonder Peter Pan stays her friend. I guess she's got too many endearing qualities. Who is the most famous pirate ever? No, not Jack Sparrow. It's Captain Hook, of course! 

We've got coloring pages and activity sheets from the Movie. Click on the images for a free printable pdf version. If you aren't feeling it, just right click the image and save to your computer to print later. It won't be a perfect 8 x 11, but it will do! 
Peter Pan Coloring Pages with Tink
Peter Pan Coloring and Activity Sheets.

Looking for more free printables

Disney Tinkerbell Tinker Bell Coloring Sheet for Teen Girls
Tinkerbell coloring pages.

Maybe some fun clip art or homeschool lesson worksheets

Peter Pan's Captain Hook Free Printable Activity Sheet
Peter Pan's Captain Hook Free Printable Activity Sheet.

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