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We're trying to grow our Internet following. We are growing like weeds on Pinterest, but our Facebook page needs some love. We share lots of fun preschool ideas, activities, and quotes to share on your Facebook wall. Click on the Quotes tab above for images and sayings to share. Scroll down for the Lyrics to Tri Sigma's Follow Us.  Enjoy!

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This reminds me of a sorority song, "Follow Us". We sang it during rush at Ball State University. Hmm... Did you ever sing that song or a similar version in church? It was taken from a John Denver song,  "Follow Me".

Tri Sigma Greek Letters Logo: Sigma Sigma Sigma  Follow Us Song Lyrics.
Sigma Sigma Sigma  Follow Us Song Lyrics.

Sigma Sigma Sigma "Follow Us" Song Lyrics:

It goes something like this: 

Follow us where we go, what we say and what we do

(Yikes... that's creepy- never noticed.)

Make it part of you to be a Sigma Tri.
Follow us up and down all the way and all around.
Take our hands and say you'll follow too.

Oh my gosh, just found this Tri Sigma rap song on You Tube. My, how things have changed. 

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Make it part of your busy day too.

Follow us over here, over there, and everywhere.
Take our lead and be a follower too.

You know it's long been on my mind.

That's why I asked you to follow me today.
To try to find a way that you can help share what I say. :)

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