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Green Rainbow Revolution?  What it is it?  Is it a blog? A store? A movement? Yes! GRR is all of that and more.

While it is still in development stages, there is already a lot going on, and you can be a part of the revolution.  

The founder Leila Goldmark has a

serious background. She studied Philosophy, Religious Studies, earned a J.D./L.L.M in International and Comparative Law degree, and she has an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she focused on social-eco entrepreneurship, leadership, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.  

Phew... that's the short version. You can read about her in more detail here.  The idea for Green Rainbow Revolution was first born and nurtured during her time at Columbia.  

But Leila is much more!  The product of an Architect and an Artist, her story is filled with interesting, impressive opportunities.  Learn more about her artistic side here. Hmm... serious attorney vs. free spirited artist? 

This background has led to GRR's need to focus on both the left and right side of the brain. Fascinated by the connection between art and science, Leila has pulled together an awesome selection of art and educational toys that will spark both sides of the brain.  Children learn through play.  The products at Green Rainbow Revolution will help foster fun activities necessary to grow great minds.

The fun products offered on the site are sustainable or the companies offer sustainability programs. Green Rainbow Revolution is doing the hard work for you. A portion of the proceeds goes back to help NGO's that provide art, environmental science, or social justice education for youth. You can help choose just click here for more information.

When you visit the site, Green Rainbow Revolution, you might notice there is still a lot of work to be done.  This is where you can help.  Do you have a creative idea for an art or science project?  Maybe you have an idea to start your own revolution?  Hop over and drop her a note. In the meantime, you can get involved by by learning more about her favorite revolutionaries, revolutionary kids, service project for kids, and important social justice projects by visiting Green Rainbow Revolution on Pinterest.

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