Pinterest 1: So, Are you one of the millions of people wondering how do I get on Pinterest?

Pinterest feels like on online gold rush. Everyone's heard of it, but no one really seems to understand it. How do you use Pinterest? How do I get on Pinterest? How do I even spell Pinterest? 

how do I get on Pinterest Pintrest?

Have you noticed a lot of people spell it "pintrest" which makes me laugh. It seems they don't get the pun.

It's an online scrapbook, journal, photo album, diary... if things are of INTEREST to you, you PIN them onto your boards. Pin + Interest = Pinterest. What could be more simple?

Herein lies the problem. Newbies who log in don't understand how Pinterest works. You either see a big mess of stuff you don't really care about or a few things that are of no interest at all to you. Why?

PINTEREST is exactly the opposite from other social media. Your Facebook friends might be completely boring or visually challenged. These are some of the first people Pinterest suggests that you follow. That's okay, follow them. Maybe the will have a moment of inspiration, if not, you can get kicks out of spying on them.

Oh wait. That was in the past. Now, Pinterest lets you have secret boards. In the old days, I was shocked when complete strangers pinned the picture of the thing I planned to do some day. It felt like an invasion of privacy, and then I got a clue. Now, I'm giving you one!

First of all, I wrote THE book on Pinterest. For reals, I did. Well, I wrote a book or e book. That's right, I wrote an eBook about Pinterest. It is very helpful if you are a Blogger or a brand building a profile.

Then one day, I started building profiles for brands. (Yes, I'd love to do yours ~ let's talk HERE.) Instantly, I realized that not everyone gets it. Not everyone wants everyone else to follow them. Some people just want to find cool pictures, pin them, and save a little brain space. So, how do you get on Pinterest?

I'll answer that and all of these questions over the next few weeks:

  • how do i get a pinterest account
  • how do i get followers on pinterest
  • how do i get recipes from pinterest
  • how do i get the pinterest button
  • how do i get started on pinterest

Well, the first one is easy. You no longer have to wait to be invited. Click the link to get a Pinterest account with your email address or to get a Pinterest account with your Facebook account. If you are a business go to and click the "businesses" in the lower right hand corner. Got it? Good.

How do I get followers on Pinterest? Well to get them fast you should read my Pinterest eBook, How to get Pinterest followers fast. If you just want to start amassing followers you MUST follow others. Now that you have an account, click the big Pinterest logo at the top of the page. See anything you like? Click on the image and the pinner will show up underneath the picture. Follow them. Maybe they will follow you back. Maybe they won't. It depends- If they like what they see. Don't like what you see? That's okay, click the gray box with three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner. See a list of topics? Pick your favorite. Now, you should see a thing or two that is INTERESTING to you. 

Now for some secret Pinterest tips. You can choose to follow the pinner who pinned the image you like, but you can also click on the board they pinned it to, for example, "Summer Camp Ideas", click the followers of that board in the strip beneath the header on the right hand side and follow everyone. Why? Those people like the same board that you like. They like things you like. Therefore, they'll likely repin things you like. 

Your Pinterest experience should greatly improve. 

How to get started on Pinterest? Well, you're started now, but you still have a lot to learn. Check back next week for more details on what you can do to join the gold rush. And, yes, MEN should use Pinterest. It has something for everyone. I've got some great Pinterest tips and tricks to share. Some you won't find anywhere else. I've become a Pinterest guru. Hope you'll join me.

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Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.