8 Party Planning Tips to Make your Next Kids' Birthday Celebration Stress Free

8 Tips and Tricks on Planning Parties for Kids

Nadia of Teach Me Mommy blog shares some tips and tricks to help you plan a stress free birthday party for kids. Enjoy!

Party Planning- it could get you all excited or just stressed out! I will share a few Tips and Tricks on how to plan a party: stress free (or almost)! I am no expert, but have done a few parties myself and found I just love it!

8 Party Planning Tips to Make your Next Kids' Birthday Celebration Stress Free
Stress Free Party Planning Tips.

Here are some things to think about:

1. Start early: the earlier you start planning, the more time you have to get everything together and you don't have to rush. (This year it was my baby boy's first party, and because his birthday is in the beginning of January, I, sort of, forgot about it! Realizing the 1st of January, it is January! Next year I will plan his party in November, that way, in spite of the Holidays and Christmas rush, this mom will be more prepared!)

2. Choose a theme. Older kids will probably tell you what theme they want for their parties, but for the younger ones, you have to choose something. For a 1st birthday, you can go with anything you'd like, but from the 2nd birthday, think what interests does your child have. I chose a Story Book Party Theme for my girls 2nd birthday, because at that stage(and still) she loved books and storytelling. Her 3rd birthday party was a Zoo theme, she just loves the zoo and the animals.

3) Invites: Get the invites out early,but not too early so people will forget about it! 2/3 weeks before the RSVP date (this date should be no closer than 1 week until the party,so you can plan accordingly). Evites are so much easier to send these days, and you could still print one for yourself as a keepsake.

4) Keep the weather in mind: For us,my daughter was a winter baby,so we rather plan everything inside. My son was a summer baby,but it is also raining season. I plan everything for outside, but have a back up plan inside. You don't want to have to jump around when the rain starts with an audience; )

5) Delegate: this is very important (note to self)! You can't do everything well yourself,sometimes you need help! If help is offered, take it. The trick here is: Make an example of how you want something done,that way it will still be just the way you imagined.

6) Activities: think of activities for all ages. Make it interesting for the kids,this helps that they will not cling to their parents when dropped off, or if the parents stay,they can too enjoy the party. I like to plan the activities so it will fit into the overall theme, for example: with the Zoo theme the kids made masks of zoo animals.

7) Eats: it is up to you whether you want to go with a sweets only party,or want to include food too. A good cue is the time of the party: if it falls on lunch/supper time, you will need to offer some kind of filling snack. Do keep in mind the age of the kids attending too. If it is a party where the parents stay,you could have finger food for them,and drinks. But this is up to you. Leave all the "fresh" preparations for the day of the party, but try and do all other preparations that can be done a day or two beforehand, in advance. This will avoid a rush on the party day.

8) Party Favours: this is totally optional. Again, I like to include favours that fit with the overall theme. These need not be expensive, you can give something small or homemade, it is the idea that counts. I always send the extra sweets home with them too, that way you won't have too many temptations left over;)

I hope you find these few tips helpful and that the next party you plan will be less stressful!

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