Free Printable Minecraft CrossWord Search: Test your Minecraft Knowledge

Our FREE printable Minecraft Crossword Puzzle will Test your Knowledge of Minecraft

Do you know any Minecraft addicts? Are you looking for a Minecraft Birthday Party Activity? Maybe, you've run out of things to do in your after-school program, and the kids are restless? This printable worksheet is a fun way to test your knowledge of Minecraft. How cool is your Mom? Can she pass the test? Enjoy!

Free Printable Minecraft Activity: Word Search Quiz.

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Free Printable Minecraft Word Search: Test your Knowledge

Printable Minecraft Crossword Puzzle.
What your score says about you:

30 = Minecraft Addict. Nailed it. Enough said. Congrats on a perfect score, maybe a little less Minecrafting and a little more studying for tests? Just sayin'. I'm surprised even you knew that one answer, you know which one I mean. It was a toughy!

28-29 = Minecraft Artisan. You spend more time crafting than interacting. You need to get outside and play! No fair taking your phone outside and playing Minecraft Pocket Edition. Pat yourself on the back though, you are a Minecraft Pro.

25-27 = Minecraft Specialist. Hooray, pretty good stuff. You haven't gone overboard on Minecraft... yet. Be strong. You probably enjoy other activities, maybe some Minecraft role playing?

20-24 = Minecraft Player. Play on! Enjoy! Balance real life with your gaming pleasure.

15-19  = Minecraft Newbie. Welp, if this were a test, you woulda failed it. Luckily, Minecraft isn't the real world. Keep gaming, keep playing. You obviously haven't failed the game of life, so congrats on that!

10-14 = Minecraft Pretender. You want to be in the cool, Minecraft crowd, but you just don't get it. You know just enough to drop some cool buzzwords. You often hear yourself saying, "Minecraft? Yeah, I've played that game."

1-9 = Mom. You must be a Minecraft Mom. You hear the words, "Steve", "Pig", and "Mods", but that is about all you know about Minecraft. What? You aren't a mom? Well... play on, my friend, play on! Your crafting table awaits.

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