Kids Games that get You Moving: How to Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a Game that gets Kids Moving

Frisbee Golf or Flying Disc Golf isn't very complicated, but the professionals take it very seriously. Since we blog about kids' activities, we've adapted this fun, family game into an easy to play (and explain) game to get children moving. If you're lucky, you have a disc golf course at your local park, but you probably don't even realize it. Enjoy!

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Kids Games that get You Moving: How to Play Disc Golf

Getting healthy and active is easier and more fun than most kids think! Simply being more active can have tremendous results on health and fitness level. You'll feel happier too which is an added bonus. We want kids to focus on fun activities that get them moving, so here are some easy, outdoor games the whole family can play together!

How to play disc golf and get kids moving.
How to play disc golf and get kids moving.

Click the link for a video from the professionals on How to play Frisbee Disc Golf and more on the history of Frisbee Golf.

You'll need a good set of discs to get started. I say, run to the Dollar Store and buy some cheap, generic Frisbees for the kids. You can find flying discs in a range of sizes. The smaller novelty ones are often sold in the toy section in a set of three. You can also find small, birthday party favor discs in sets of 6 or more. Of course, the familiar size flying disc is also inexpensive and often sold at discount stores.

If you want to play more like the pros, you will need a Driver, a Mid-Range, and a Putter. These are weighted differently, but for our purposes you only need 3 sizes of flying discs. We found two similar in size but weighted differently, and one small one that worked nicely for a putter.

If your kiddos like disc golf, they might also like Ping Pong, and we found an affordable Ping Pong table that's perfect for family game night.

So, how do you play Frisbee Golf?  We came up with our own modified version of the game using our backyard trees and sidewalk chalk.

How do you play Frisbee Flying Disc Golf?
How do you play Frisbee Flying Disc Golf?

How to Play Disc Golf with Kids

You can get crafty and make a set of tees to mark your spot like in professional disc golf or just use the disc to mark the spot.   Free Printable Golf Score Sheet from 

Ideas to make your own golf tees:
  • Use cardboard from a cereal box and decorate shapes to mark your spot.
  • Recycle milk jug and soda lids.
  • Recycle an old deck of cards.

Homemade Backyard Frisbee Golf Setup

Colorful mini flags or balloons to mark the Hole.

Sidewalk Chalk to mark the target.

Flying Discs (Frisbee or other brand)


Large, open space

Tees (Make your own)

How to Play Frisbee Disc Golf like Miniature Golf

First, walk your yard, and find the best place to make a course. Rather than building Disc Golf Baskets, use trees as targets. Draw an "X" or a bullseye 4-5' high on each tree target. Place a mini-flag at the bottom of each tree to designate it as a "hole". Use a permanent marker to mark the flags from 1 to 18. Don't have flags, that's okay, just write the number of the hole directly on the tree.

Draw a line 2' above your target and another one, 2' below. This is the range for kids to hit. If they hit the center of the target they get an "Eagle" or bonus. Deduct 1 point from final score for each bulls-eye. We drew a face on our first tree target. The nose designates the bulls-eye.

Draw a bullseye target area on your tree.

Scoring is like miniature golf, try to achieve the fewest strokes possible. Score keeping is simplified if you count all holes as a par 3. Some will take fewer and some will take much longer depending on your flying disc throwing skills. When play is done, add up your score. 9 holes = par 27, 18 holes = par 54. Don't forget to deduct 1 point for each bullseye. As in regular golf, the lowest score wins. How's that for throwing a math element into your physical fitness? You can designate an official scorekeeper who keeps track of everything on a handy clipboard. Hey, Mom, I'm talking to you!

Most kids will need to hone their flying disc throwing skills. Work on a style of throwing that fits your play. Throwing backhands often works the best, but there are many ways to throw a disc. This is a game of points, so it doesn't matter if someone wants to launch their disc Ninja style, whatever works! The pros have special names for their throwing style: Backhand, Forehand, Tomahawks, Thumbers, Rollers, and Elevator shots. Just focus on the goal. Throw the disc to the tree in the least possible number of throws. 

 Free Printable Golf Score Sheet from 

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