5 Printable Duty Calendar Charts for Children

Chore Chart Duty Calendar for Kids

Chores! No one likes to do them- especially Moms. When can your kids begin to help around the house? What's the best chore by age? Is a toddler too young to have chore duties? Find out what we think, and then pick your favorite free printable duty calendar or chore chart from the list below. Enjoy!

Chore Chart Duty Calendar for Kids by Age
5 Printable Duty Calendar Charts for Children.

When our kids we're young they did everything early. Like, creepy early. With our first, we knew it was time to communicate with words, so we ordered one of those baby sign books.

The first time we practiced the sign for milk, his eyes squinted. He looked confused or astonished, so I kept making the sign and saying "milk". Suddenly, he shook his head, looked me straight in they eyes and said, "Milk"! I promptly closed my book, and that was that. He was 10 months old. At the age of 2, he taught himself to read, because he wanted to play a computer game that Daddy played.

Mommy had a demanding newborn to nurse. There wasn't time to sit at the computer and read every word to him. "Age of Mythology" had words running across the bottom, and the heroes said a few words here and there that corresponded with the text. So, be it.

His sister started walking at 7 months. She never crawled. Long story short, they were ready to do chores by 2 1/2 (or sooner).

We started with the dishwasher- they loaded the dishes (with my help). If you start early, it is fun for them. They don't see it as a chore, because they want to be 'BIG', and do whatever you do. If you start too late, it becomes something they never 'HAD' to do, and they see it as a 'CHORE'. So, pick your favorite list, and get started. Hope it isn't too late!

Free Printable Duty Calendar Chore Chart for Kids

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Printable Duty Calendar for Children


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