Field Trips in Indiana

Indiana Field Trip Ideas

Though these field trips are in Indiana, they make great ideas for field trips in your home state or great ideas for places to visit while on a vacation. If you are looking for Indiana Field Trips, leave a note in the comments, and we'll share more fun ideas. Tried and true. Enjoy!

Field Trips in Indiana
Field Trips in Indiana.

Field trips are an excellent way to connect student learning to the world outside of school. Gaining knowledge is the goal of the educational process. However, when gaining that knowledge mainly takes place in the classroom and from books, it can seem disconnected from the purpose of that knowledge.  

The purpose, of course, is to prepare the student for success as a grown-up. Part of that preparation should be helping the students understand why and how gaining knowledge is going to aid them in their future when they are grown and on their own.  The better they understand why their education matters, the more likely they are to be engaged in the learning process.

What kind of field trips are out there? Where can you take students that will help them grasp how what they are learning in class is going to be integral to their success as an adult? The following is a list of fun trips that are in or nearby Indianapolis. The links provided take you to the website where you can find information about the educational opportunities that are offered.

  • Exotic Feline Rescue Center – Located in Center Point, IN, it is located just over an hour away from Indianapolis. It offers classroom presentations at grade level, with fun and interactive materials. Field trips include a walking tour of the facility, which covers around 20 acres. Phone: 812-835-1130.
Website:  Exotic Feline Rescue Center

  • Trader’s Point Creamery – On the northwest side of Indianapolis, Trader’s Point Creamery is a working farm which specializes in grass fed cattle. They offer tours year round which include viewing the milking process.  Phone: 317-733-1700
Website:  Trader's Point Creamery

  • Waterman’s Farm, Raymond St. Location  - A great fall destination for pumpkin picking and other Halloween activities.  In June, they offer strawberry picking field trips. During summer, field trips are customized to your group’s specific interests. Phone 317-357-2989
Website:  Waterman's Family Farm

  • Kelsay Farms – Located 30 minutes south of Indianapolis, in New Whiteland, IN.  Kelsay Farms is a working dairy farm that offers tours that last about 2 hours. Children learn about milking, feeding, and caring for dairy cows. Phone: 317-535-4136
Website:  Kelsay Farms

  • United States District Court – A trip to a courthouse offers kids a chance to learn about history, law, civics and government.  The Southern District Court offers and opportunity for kids to interact with a judge, provided the tour is booked early enough in advance. Phone: 317-229-3792
Website:  United States District Court (Indiana)

  • McCloud Nature Park – This Hendricks County Park offers field trip opportunities on a variety of topics. Rocks, Insects, Birds, Maple Syrup and Geomorphology are just some of the subject matter from which to choose. Phone: 765-676-5437
Website:  McCloud Nature Park

  • Fire Station Tour, Town of Plainfield – Since most kids love fire trucks Fire Station fieldtrips are a big hit. The Town of Plainfield offers Fire House Tours where kids can learn about the day to day routines of fire fighters and the equipment that they operate. Phone: 317-839-6939 x18
Website: Plainfield Fire Station or your local fire station.

  • West Central Conservancy – Learn how waste water is treated at Avon’s West Central Conservancy. This fieldtrip shows how science is used to make the world a cleaner place. Phone:  317-272-3944 
Website:  West Central Conservancy or your local water plant.

Are there any great field trips that you and your children have experienced? I would love to hear about 
them! Post about the tours you enjoyed in the comments.


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