Veteran's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

When is Veteran's Day?

Veteran's Day is November 11. Looking for activities and crafts for Veteran's Day? These Veteran's Day Patriotic craft ideas for kids are easy to make, especially when you make traceables for preschool and elementary students. Enjoy!

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Veteran's Day Craft Ideas for Kids.
Veteran's Day Craft Ideas for Kids.
Have you heard of the Hug a Hero Project? Every town needs to start one! The non-profit organization raises money to help local heroes in need. Do you know a Veteran? How can you help?

Hug a hero project for Veteran's Day.
Give a hug for the Hug a Hero Project for Veteran's Day.
A simple way to help, is to remember your local heroes on Veteran's Day. Visit a Veteran's Hospital or a local retirement community and share a hug! We made these cards to share with our local Veterans. You can also make a bunch of cards and hand them out at a Veteran's Day Parade or celebration.

When is Veteran's Day?
When is Veteran's Day?

Another way to get children involved in Veteran's Day activities, is to light a candle in honor of a hero. Discuss any family or friends who are Veterans. Explain what it means to be a Veteran, and tell them that you are lighting the candle for a fallen soldier.

Light a Candle for a Veteran Craft.
Make a votive holder with a battery powered tea light.

Make Veteran's Day Crafts at Home

To make the Veteran's Day cards shown above, we drew the jacket and other features and then cut them into pieces to give the the card a 3D effect when glued back together. 

Make one Soldier as a Traceable Pattern:

To do this so that if fits within the card, fold a piece of paper in half to form a card. Then, draw half of a soldier with the arm reaching toward the open flap of the folded paper. Glue the soldier into the crease of the card. Important: Do not glue down his arms! 

When a Veteran opens the card, they'll be surprised with a Thank You hug!

Make a Veteran's Day Hug a Hero Card at Home.
Make a Veteran's Day Hug a Hero card at home.
To Make a Votive Candle to Light for a fallen Soldier, visit the local Dollar Store. Get some votive cups in patriotic colors, battery powered votives, and glitter glue. Use the glue to paint a flag onto the votive cup. We just drew some silver lines and a blue square to represent the United State's Flag. Easy Peasy! 

You can make several votives to give as gifts to families of fallen soldiers. Whatever you do to celebrate, be sure to remember our hereos on Veteran's Day.


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