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Veterans Day Lesson Ideas for Elementary and Middle School

Armistice Day or Veterans Day Lesson Ideas

When is Veterans Day? In the United States, we celebrate Veterans Day (also known as Armistice Day) on November 11. You probably know a war veteran:  a school teacher, a principal, a grandparent, a cousin, or a member of your church. Just ask! Often, when we think of Veterans, we think of historical wars and senior citizens, but there are many young war veterans these days. We hope you'll try some of these Veterans Day lesson ideas and then go out into your community and thank a war veteran.

Scroll down for Veterans Day Videos for Middle School and a fun song for preschoolers!

Veterans Day Lesson Ideas for Elementary and Middle School

What can you do to teach about and help celebrate Veterans Day? Educate and engage with a history lesson or simply thank a Veteran. You can do both, when you combine a Veterans Day history lesson with a letter writing campaign. We found some awesome, editable letter to soldiers and thank you card templates for elementary at

Hop over to TeacherSherpa to find printable Veterans Day games and activities to add to your lesson plans.

Get more Veterans Day Printables or printable Letters to Soldiers that will work for Middle Schoolers too.


Hey kids, did you know War Veterans are men and women who served in any branch of the military including the National Guard? You may know a veteran who served in one of these wars:

World War 1
World War 2

Called Armistice Day in 1919 to commemorate the end of World War I, it was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 to include American veterans of all wars. On November 11, we honor the wartime service of men and women in all branches of the armed forces.

Here's a quick video that gives a great explanation on the history of Veterans Day.

Brainpop has a nice video about the armed forces.

Check out PBS for Veterans Day Lesson Plans for all ages.

Veterans Day activities for middle school (grade 6-8.)

Veterans Day Videos for Middle School

Middle School Veterans Day video from Scholastics.

War Videos from Crash Course in US HISTORY:

World War 2

Korea and Vietnam


Here's another video and activities about Vietnam from Brainpop.

This cute song from Kiboomers is fun for preschoolers.

Fun Fact:

Veterans Day is not Veteran's Day because it is not a day owned by Veterans. If it were a day owned by all Vets, it would be called Veterans' Day. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate Veterans. Yep, I've been messing that up for years, and I know the rule. Childrens' not Children's -  Child's not Childs' - Kids' not Kid's.

In fact, this blog was originally titled 'A Kid's Creative Chaos' then I dropped the 'A' and kept the logo, 'Kid's Creative Chaos.' It took me years to realize my error. Humiliating. In my head, it was still one kid's creative chaos (my son's.) Now, I just incorrectly call it 'Kids Creative Chaos' because it looks better.  Sigh. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know.


Veterans Day Crafts and Decor

Community Service Projects

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Veterans Day Craft Ideas for Kids

When is Veterans Day?

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Veterans Day is November 11. Looking for activities and crafts for Veterans Day? These Veterans Day Patriotic craft ideas for kids are easy to make, especially when you make traceables for preschool and elementary students. Veterans, (Yes) Veterans', (If you must) Veteran's (No.)

Veterans Day Craft Ideas for Kids
Have you heard of the Hug a Hero Project? Every town needs to start one! The non-profit organization raises money to help local heroes in need. Do you know a Veteran? How can you help?

Veterans Day Craft Ideas for Kids

A simple way to help, is to remember your local heroes on Veterans Day. Visit a Veterans Hospital or a local retirement community and share a hug! We made these cards to share with our local Veterans. You can also make a bunch of cards and hand them out at a Veterans Day Parade or celebration.

Make a Veterans Day Hug a Hero Card Craft Activity Middle School Elementary Preschool
Make a Veterans Day Hug a Hero Card Craft Activity Middle School Elementary Preschool Homeschool.

To Make a Votive Candle to Light for a fallen Soldier, visit the local Dollar Store. Get some votive cups in patriotic colors, battery powered votives, and glitter glue. Use the glue to paint a flag onto the votive cup. We just drew some silver lines and a blue square to represent the United State's Flag. Easy Peasy! 

You can make several votives to give as gifts to families of fallen soldiers. Whatever you do to celebrate, be sure to remember our heroes on Veterans Day.