Books, Videos, and Lessons: Jackie Robinson for Kids

Bio of Jackie Robinson and Online Activities

Wondering when is Jackie Robinson Day? Jackie Robinson Day is April 15. Who is Jackie Robinson? He is one of the most famous baseball players in history. Do you know why? Yes? No? Maybe? Either way, you'll learn about Jackie Robinson with these online activities and videos on Jackie Robinson for kids. This is a great post for students to learn facts about Jackie Robinson. Enjoy!

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Books, Videos, and Lessons: Jackie Robinson for Kids
Books, Videos, and Lessons: Jackie Robinson for Kids.

To learn the bio of Jackie Robinson, students can watch these videos about Jackie Robinson:

Watch this Video of Jackie Robinson from They also have a good video on Civil Rights. If you don't have a Brainpop account, you should! However, you can do a search for a password that you can use to watch the videos. You won't be able to keep track of all your hard work without an account. So, if you can't do that, here is a another video about Jackie Robinson from

Be sure to do the FYI and take the quiz on Brainpop. You'll also find lesson plans for teachers there. 

Keep scrolling for games and activities about Jackie Robinson.

No matter your age or grade level, you will enjoy this book, I am Jackie Robinson* by Brad Meltzer. It is a fun biography written from the point of view of Jackie Robinson as a child. Packed full of Jackie Robinson facts, this book is the perfect companion book to a lesson on Jackie Robinson.

Bio of Jackie Robinson and Online Activities
Bio of Jackie Robinson and Online Activities.
Test your baseball game I.Q. - who is on first?

How good are you at batting? Try it out with this online baseball game from ESPN.

Play some free online baseball games for kids.

Jackie Robinson PDF book.

Downloadable Jackie Robinson worksheet from

Free Baseball Worksheets from

Can you answer these Jackie Robinson quiz questions?

Do you know the original lyrics to Take Me Out to the Ball Game? Listen here:

And, here's the version you've probably heard:

That's a lot of baseball history, let's move on to other lessons.

Language Arts Component:  
Since we're talking famous baseball, you'll want to read the most famous baseball poem of all time, Casey at Bat. Even better, listen to James Earl Jones recite the poem, Casey at Bat:

Watch the Disney clip:

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