Homeschool Jamboree Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Park Homeschool Jamboree

If you are looking for Indiana Homeschool Programs, Eagle Creek Park is a great place to start. You can take classes at the Orinithology Center or the Earth Discovery Center. The Homeschool Jamboree at Eagle Creek Park started as a fall progam, but now is also offered in the spring too. Don't delay in signing up, because they fill up fast. Enjoy!

Homeschool Jamboree Eagle Creek
Homeschool Jamboree Eagle Creek.

What you Need to Know:

Their website is bit tricky to navigate and not well updated, but here is a link to their calender of events for 2016:

Registration is $15 per child. This is an all day event. Parents are welcome to stay with their children, but they can drop them off too. Children ages 8-14 can attend.

The best place to register is Indy Parks. To stay up to date on activities, follow Eagle Creek Park on Facebook.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring a bag and an extra pair of shoes. (You might get muddy.)
  • Bring a sack lunch. (You store it in the building.)
  • Dress for the always changing Indiana weather.
  • Don't be late.
  • You can sign up with a friend.
  • Parents can stay with their children or leave.
  • There are a lot of students. Remind your child to stay with the group and LISTEN to instructions.
  • There are nice, clean restrooms in the center.
  • There is plenty of room and things to do in the center. If you have small children, you can keep busy inside while your child attends classes.
Eagle Creek Park Homeschool Jamboree
Eagle Creek Park Homeschool Jamboree.
Choose from a variety of environmental activities. Here are a few of our favorites:

Orienteering (Nope, not rowing related. Learn to navigate your way through the woods by reading a compass.)

Orienteering with a compass class.
Orienteering class with a compass.
Tree Climbing (This is the real thing. They teach how to use grappling hooks.)

Water Safety

Learning to Not Leave a Trace (Save the Environment.)


Endangered Species

Animal Tracking 

We attended the spring session this year. I took the opportunity to have some mommy me time, and I missed the tree climbing! I had hoped to watch the kiddos and take some photos of each event.

Homeschool Jamboree at the Earth Discovery Center
On the way to the Homeschool Jamboree at the Earth Discovery Center.
It is crowded! Here, they are lining up for their classes.

Learning how to use a compass. There is a lot to know!
Mayhem orienteering.
Once you complete the lesson, you get a prize.


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