When Kids Say I Know or I am Quote: Lora's Law #14

I know! I am! Parenting Quotes about Kids

Parenting is hard! Whenever I am in the middle of telling my kids to do something, they cut me off with a loud, harsh, infuriating, "I know." How can they know? I haven't even finished my thought! Well, it seems, they THINK they've heard it all before. They know what I am about to say. Sometimes they do; sometimes, they don't. Lora's Law #14, is a quote post or meme to share about when kids say, "I know!" Enjoy!

When Kids Say I Know or I am Meme Quote: Lora's Law #14
Lora's Law: Let's this one go, Mama! They don't, they ain't, it ain't worth it.

So.. if this happens to you, you know how infuriating it is. You know that they don't know. Sure, they might have a general idea about what you want to accomplish, but they don't know what you are going to say, They don't know the intricate details- nor do they care. They don't want to know.

Just wait this one out. Let it happen. Sure, you know what is going to happen. Sure, they'll have something to say about it or some stomping to do, but just let it go. Wait.

When you get mad about the, " I know," they do a lot of squabbling, a lot less listening, and you go through a lot more grief. Wait until they do it, but don't. Then finish your sentence.

What I was going to say was, when you get done with that ice cream sandwich, throw the wrapper away and then meet me in the kitchen for a piece of cake. But, we'll just do the cake later, because you got sharp with me. 

What I was going to say was, when you close the door, lock it, turn on the light, and get ready for bed and then we'll watch your favorite movie. But, now I don't feel like watching a movie because you were so snotty!

Oh, that's not letting it go, Mama! You really just need to let it go. They'll outgrow this one or they won't. Either way, it isn't worth the extra breath. Just watch them. If they really do know, awesome! You've done a good job. If they don't, wait for it and then give them a simple reminder of what you were really going to say before you were so rudely interrupted.


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