Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe

Homemade Edible, Non Toxic Face Paint Recipe with Coconut Oil

We love Halloween, Dramatic Play, and all things theatrical. We are always testing new ways to make face paint at home. You'll find several homemade recipes for face paint in our archives. Of all of our recipes, this Non Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe using all natural coconut oil is our favorite. Enjoy!

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Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe All Natural Coconut Oil
Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe All Natural  Coconut Oil.

Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe
Non-Toxic Face Paint Homemade Recipe.

This recipe for face paint first appeared as a guest post on Hearty Natural's blog in 2013. Hearty Naturals Coconut oil makes an edible, all-natural, non-toxic base for face paint and stage makeup. It even acts as a natural moisturizer. When it comes time to clean off the makeup, the coconut oil wipes off with warm water. If there is still a color stain remaining, use fresh coconut oil as a makeup remover.

Homemade Edible, Non Toxic Face Paint Recipe with Coconut Oil

Homemade Edible, Non Toxic Face Paint Recipe with Coconut Oil.

Many Halloween face paints for kids have harmful ingredients. With this recipe for face paint, you don't need to worry about little ones eating it. They can play with it, squish it, and even use it as finger paint!  It is the perfect paint for sensory play. To make it more fun, gather large mixing bowls and rubber spatulas.

Nontoxic Face Paint Recipe for Children
Test  on the arm for allergic reaction, some people are allergic to coconut.

Ingredients Needed to Make Face Paint:

1/4 C. of flour
1/2 C. of cornstarch
1/2 to 1 C. Coconut Oil
A pinch of Powdered Drink Mix Packs or a few drops of Food Coloring
Pour cornstarch into large bowl.
With spatula mix in coconut oil.
Optional: Mix in 1/2 cup flour.  

Pro Tip: Flour gives more of a matte finish, but it also goes bad more quickly.

  • Divide into Styrofoam egg carton or ice cube tray

  • Mix in a pinch of a different color drink mix or food coloring into each compartment.

  • Depending on room temperature, you may have to add more cornstarch or water to achieve a proper paint like consistency.  

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