Get Back on the Horse Quote to Share: Lora's Law #16

Lora's Law #16: You Shouldn't Get Back on the Horse

You know what they say, you should always get back on the horse. It is a good message. It promotes how important it is to keep trying. The more you try, the more likely you are to succeed. It is a saying. Does that make it true? I've literally fallen off of a horse, and I've literally gotten back on the horse. So, I am here to tell you, (figuratively and literally) you shouldn't always get back on the horse! That's right, sometimes the horse is stupid and it isn't worth the risk. The same applies to life. Lora's Law #16 is all about that. Get back on the horse quote to share. Enjoy!

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Get Back on the Horse Quote to Share: Lora's Law #16 Pinterest
Get Back on the Horse Quote to Share: Lora's Law #16.

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If you've ever literally fallen off a horse, you were probably frightened. The first thing you think of is getting trampled by those hooves or bucked off so hard that it messes with your head. You might not want to get on the horse again for a long time. If you are just learning to ride,* you might decide that horseback riding isn't for you. That's just fear talking. You should get back on the horse! He probably bucked you off because he sensed your inexperience. You might have done something stupid that scared him. Maybe he saw a ghost. Hopefully, it was a one time event.

However, sometimes the horse is just stupid. Just because the horse is broke, doesn't mean he won't buck or stumble. If your horse is timid, a mouse might startle him. If your horse had a bad experience with another person that you resemble in some way, he may never want you on his back.

Sometimes, a horse is just stupid. It happens. Just like there are stupid people, there are stupid horses. For all these reasons, you should never get back on that horse!!

The same thing can be said about life. Not everything you try is going to be a good idea. If you fail at a bad idea, you shouldn't keep trying! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results. Nothing changes, but you keep doing it. That hurts! Don't worry that someone dared you or that someone else was able to successfully do this stupid thing. It wasn't meant for you. Find something else to try and succeed.* When you find the right thing to attempt multiple times, you will succeed.* You might even get lucky and succeed on this first try! No matter, you can do it! Just keep trying.

Remember, "You shouldn't always get back on the horse, sometimes the horse is stupid!"


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