10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey

Easy Paper Bag Turkey Craft and More

These paper bag Thanksgiving crafts are easy to make. Whether you make a cute turkey with preschoolers or carve up a roast turkey paper bag, you'll find a simple turkey craft to decorate your holiday table or use as an invitation to craft at the kids' table. Enjoy!

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10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey
10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey.

We made a super easy paper bag turkey. Just stuff it with paper scraps, tie the top off with a string or rubber band and then wrap a ribbon around the neck to finish it off. The tissue paper came right out of the bag- just fan it out. Fold orange paper into a beak, add googly eyes, and you are good to go!

super easy paper bag turkey
Super easy paper bag turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

Make a paper bag turkey puppet, like this one from Create Play Love.

make a paper bag turkey puppet
Paper bag turkey puppet craft.

Preschoolers will love tracing their handprints to make feathers for their paper bag turkey. Use a wooden ice cream spoon as the head. Just tie the bag around the middle of the spoon.

handprint paper bag turkey craft
Handprint paper bag turkey craft.

Use real feathers on your paper bag turkey like this one from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

Cute feather paperbag turkey with real feathers
Cute feather paper bag turkey with real feathers.

These cute, paper bag turkeys are fun for preschoolers. Get the full tutorial at Teach Them to Fly.

Adorable paper bag turkeys for preschool
Adorable paper bag turkeys for preschool.

Make a shelf sitter turkey from a paper bag and construction paper like this one from Hubbard's Cupboard.

shelf sitting paper bag turkey activity craft
Shelf sitting paper bag turkey activity craft.

This sitting paper bag turkey from Life on Lakeshore Drive is perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

Sitting paper bag turkey craft
Sitting paper bag turkey craft.

If you want to sit a paper bag turkey on the table as a centerpiece, this roast turkey made from a paper bag by One Charming Party is perfect for the kiddie table. Even better, it is filled with popcorn!

Roast turkey paper bag craft.
Roast turkey paper bag craft.

Be the turkey when you create a turkey costume from a paper bag! Like this, you might also like our paper bag American Indian costume. We found this on Pinterest with a credit to Baby Moms Blog.

Paperbag turkey costume for school.
Paperbag turkey costume for school.

If you don't want to go all out, you might like to make a paper bag turkey hat like this one from Salsa in China blog.

Paper bag turkey hat.
Paper bag turkey hat.

If you want to make a traditional turkey hat headband, follow our tutorial for a chicken hat headband.



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