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5 Thanksgiving Garland Ideas

Paper Thanksgiving Craft: Decorate with Garland

Decorate your dining room for Thanksgiving with cute fall garland you make together as a family. Use these ideas for paper garland decorations or let each family member design their own. Some fun Thanksgiving garland ideas include fall leaves, owls, turkeys, pumpkins or squash, pilgrim hats, tepees, or cornucopias. Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving Garland Ideas
Thanksgiving Garland Ideas.

10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey

Easy Paper Bag Turkey Craft and More

These paper bag Thanksgiving crafts are easy to make. Whether you make a cute turkey with preschoolers or carve up a roast turkey paper bag, you'll find a simple turkey craft to decorate your holiday table or use as an invitation to craft at the kids' table. Enjoy!

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10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey
10 Paper Bag Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey.

Turkey Napkin Rings Craft for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Napkin Holder Craft

If you are hosting a family feast, you want it to be festive and engaging. These turkey napkins double as napkin rings and place card holders for your table setting. Gather the kids and the crafty family members around the kids' table and have them make this Thanksgiving craft activity while you prepare their feast. Enjoy!

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Turkey Napkin Rings Craft for Thanksgiving

Handprint Turkey Craft Thanksgiving 8

8 Easy Handprint Turkeys

Looking for an easy, quick Thanksgiving activity to do with the little ones? Try a Handprint Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving. We're sharing Eight of our favorites from Kid Bloggers and Pinterest. Enjoy!

Handprint Turkey Craft Thanksgiving
8 Easy Handprint Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving.

  • We like how this handprint turkey from Meet the Dubiens used the entire hand for the feathers. It allows for lots of fun, messy handprints!

8 Easy Handprint Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Easy Handprint Turkey for Preschoolers from Meet the Dubiens.

  • How cool is this unique handprint turkey? They are thinking outside of the box at floortjetekent blog? But, maybe their turkeys look different than ours? Turkeys don't have combs... do they?

unique handprint turkey
Unique handprint turkey or is it a rooster?

colorful handprint turkey
Colorful handprint turkey from 123 Peppy.

  • Dress your handprint turkey for the occassion, by giving him a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving, like this one from Lonestar Knits.

Handprint Turkey with Pilgrim Hat
Paper Handprint Turkey with Pilgrim Hat.

  • These felt handprint roosters are stuffed, and they stand up. Just add a gobbler, colorful feathers, and drop the comb to make a felt handprint turkey craft

Make felt handprint turkeys for the Thanksgiving table.

  • Mayhem designed this paper and pipecleaner turkey craft all by herself. She twisted the yellow pipecleaner into feet and then looped the orange one through the middle in the shape of a J. Then, she traced her handprint, cut it out, and attached it to the pipecleaner with hot glue. She twisted a loop in the top and hot glued the head to the orange pipecleaner.

8 Easy Handprint Turkeys
Paper and pipecleaner handprint turkey.

To make him even more special, have your child write what they are thankful for on each feather!


Turkey Song for Thanksgiving

Jumbo Pack of Pipecleaners*

Edible Marshmallow Turkeys

Turkey Trouble Thanksgiving Book*

Over the River and Through the Woods Thanksgiving Poem

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Stuffed Turkey Recipe with Clipart: Jakes Jokes for Kids

Jake came up with a fun stuffed turkey recipe

Cute Pilgrim Turkey clipart
Cute Pilgrim Turkey.
He begged me to purchase the ingredients; I obliged.

Stuffed Turkey Recipe

1 Ginormous Turkey
1 Little Baby Turkey
1 Box Mashed Potatoes

Cook the giant turkey.  Cook the mashed potatoes and stuff inside giant turkey. Cook tiny turkey.  Stuff tiny turkey inside huge turkey.  Serve to guests.

Ahem...  I bought two Cornish game hens.  I can't wait to see his reaction. Unfortunately, I won't be stuffing anything except my face.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey in the Straw, Turkey in the Hay Fun Thanksgiving Song for Preschoolers

Cute Song for Thanksgiving: Turkey in the Straw

One of my favorite childhood memories is when my brother's second grade class learned the song, Turkey in the Straw. He sang that song until the Fourth of July! It is such a cute Thanksgiving song for Preschoolers and Early Elementary Students.

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