How to Have the Best New Year Eve Party with Kids

Ideas for the Best New Year Eve Party 

What does it take to have the best new year eve party ever with kids? It depends on your expectations, of course. If you want to throw a memorable party with glitz and polish, planning is a necessity. However, a spur of the moment party with family and close friends can become a favorite memory. We're sharing some tips on how to have the best New Year's party with kids. The key is to have fun foods and simple games that everyone can play together. Scroll down for games and activities for your party. Enjoy!

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How to Have the Best New Year Eve Party with Kids

Decide on a fun theme for your party. Choose a favorite movie, a costume ball, or a favorite sport's team.

Send invitations early with your Christmas Cards or even send a Thanksgiving Card with a Save the Date. Facebook is a great way to send last minute reminders.

Metallic and Lights (Think Disco Ball) always make a festive New Year Party, but be sure to keep with your theme. Decorate with movie memorabilia, ticket stubs, or even design the room to look like a scene from the movie.

Menu Planning
Planning for food for the amount of guests that you have is key. Choose easy appetizers that you find at a big box store and just pop in the oven. Then, spruce them up with festive dips. Fun drinks are essential for any party. Make sure you have festive drinks for kids too.

New Year Activities and Games

New Year's games only require one element to work for both kids and adults. Make it fun! Below, we've compiled a list of fun activities and games for your party.

  • Pass the Present

Wrap a fun gift in recycled paper. Re-wrap it at least 9 times.When you wrap it for the last time, wrap it in festive metallic paper. Everyone sits in a circle (sitting around a table is fine). Play some holiday music and stop it periodically. Every time the music stops, the person holding the package unwraps one layer. The person who unwraps the last layer of wrapping paper gets to keep the gift. Wrap more than one gift to make the game twice as fun!

How to Play Pass the Present New Year Activity Game

  • Fun with Current Events

Print out pictures from the most memorable moments of the year. For example, use election moments, famous celebrity weddings, or personal events that took place in your family. Then, place a number on each image. Use this free printable and have everyone list the events in order from 1-10. The person with the most correct answers wins. 

New Year Activities and Games Free Printable Guess the Order

  • Party Favor Fun
Place new year party favors on the floor about two feet apart in a large circle. Place one less party favor than the number of people playing the game. Play like musical chairs. Play music and stop it. When the music stops, the players stand next to a party favor to claim it. Game is over when all prizes are claimed. You can also play the game Spoons with party favors.

  • Quick Questions

Grab an egg timer or set your phone's alarm for every thirty minutes. Then, call out a fun question and let everyone shout their answers. "Who brought the chocolate chip cookies?" or "Who wore a red dress?" or "When does the ball drop?" The first one to answer correctly wins! Have fun door prizes to giveaway.


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