Moon Magic Chapter Two: Online Young Adult Fiction Novel

YA Fiction Novel Online: Moon Magic Series Chapter 2

Have you been reading the Young Adult Fiction NovelMoon Magic? If not, start here: Moon Magic starts here. If so, this is the third post in the series or Chapter Two- if you missed the last post start with Chapter One. Last chapter, Aurora had some trouble in English class. She decided to sit down for solidarity. Has she gotten any braver? Find out in Chapter Two of Moon MagicEnjoy!

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YA Fiction Novel Online: Moon Magic Series Chapter 2
Moon Magic Chapter Two: Online Young Adult Fiction Novel.

Moon Magic: Unfulfilled Wishes

By Lora Langston


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Moon Magic: Chapter Two

Football Friday had finally arrived. The tips of Aurora’s fingers were freezing and frostbite was about to take her nose. Hot cocoa was in order. During the band break, she elbowed her way through the crowds of foolish teenagers and family fanatics to the freshly painted Purple Pride concession stand. As she made her way back to the cold, crowded bleachers she spotted Lucas sitting all alone in the stands. Why? She couldn’t picture him here. It was so out of character.

While transfixed in thought, she stood frozen next to the stands. Suddenly, something rammed her into the crowd. Hot cocoa splashed onto the backside of the person in front of her before trickling down onto her wrist. Good thing she didn’t like cocoa. The heat from the cup warmed her fingers and the steam thawed her nose, but Aurora didn’t care for the warm, fuzzy feeling it tended to bestow upon its victims.

Cocoa had met its match. It couldn’t have landed on a more worthy foe. There, covered in boiling brown liquid, stood the scary girl from English class. She had gotten detention- not expulsion.

Aurora held her breath and closed her eyes as the Amazonian warrior’s hands slammed against her tiny boobs. She found herself pushed into some preppy, micro-mini wearing girl from the opposing team. Looking down a faultless nose at Aurora’s clean purple and white band uniform, the blonde bimbo pushed back. Aurora became a living, breathing punching bag. Five seconds felt like more like five minutes. She held her breath, tried not to cry, and thought,  'Tomorrow I will be covered in black and purple bruises.'  

“Wah! Look at the baby girl,” Scary girl mocked Aurora as she sucker punched her in the shoulder. “You’re really weird you know it?”  

Raindrops bounced off of Aurora’s shiny white Shako. She pinched her lips together and held her breath in an attempt to control the building rage. Letting go was not an option. As the curtain of rain dribbled down her nose, it hid the tears streaming down her cheeks. This helped to water down her rage.

At that moment, an empty soda can launched from the grandstands. It hit Aurora’s nemesis squarely between the eyes. Scary girl scanned the bleachers for the perpetrator. Her loyal posse escorted her into the stands. With that, Aurora was given a pass. As she turned to to walk away, she noticed a dark figure leaning against the word, ‘Pride,’ on the concession stand. Then, she heard a voice fighting for recognition over the pelting rain.  

It was Lucas.  

“Ready for what?” Aurora asked timidly.

“To talk about it, we’re the same, remember?” he said.

“If you mean we’re both losers, you got that right!”

Lucas shook his head to remove the soggy strands of black hair from his face. “Now, why you gotta be that way? Have I insulted you?”

“Honestly? Yes! People think you’re a freak and I –"

He chuckled, “You’re a what? Cheerleader? Miss Congeniality or  maybe the Class Prez?”

Still battling back the tears, she shouted, “I could be the class president! Leave me alone, I’m just shy; that’s not a crime, Luke!”

“Luke? That’s a little informal for a perfect stranger. No one calls me that. Anyway, who says I’m not shy? I don’t see anyone rushing to hang with me. Oh, I forgot, I just got voted Homecoming King. Didn’t you get the memo?”

“Pfft! Now that is funny!” she chided.  

Lucas whispered his next words, “Hey, you’ve actually got a nice smile. You should use it more often!”  

In response to his nonsense, Aurora rolled her eyes and muttered, “Not much to smile about lately.” Then, she turned and marched toward the band room. Not missing a beat, Lucas followed suit. In a lazy attempt to protect her soggy plume, she grabbed the Shako from her head and placed it under her arm. She was too late. She had been so engrossed in arguing with Lucas that she didn't realize the rain had finally stopped.  

Lucas smirked and shouted, “Hey, what’s wrong with your charmed life?”  

Turning back to him with a shrug, she said, “I don’t know- I just wish I could stay a kid forever. I hate getting older. If I could stop the process, I would- I mean, short of killing myself.”  

“You mean you can’t?” he stopped short.

Lucas hadn’t completed his sentence when a shiver ran up her spine. That was creepy. She busied herself with removing her hat’s plume while letting it hide her face from his view. Uncomfortable and slightly concerned, she peeked through the purple feather and studied his face. Did he know?

“I can’t what?” she spat.   

“Stop it,” he said matter of factly.  

Aurora placed the hat back on her head and looked him straight in the eyes, ”I’m not a superhero or God almighty.”  

“Maybe not, but if you really wanted to change things- you could. We all can, where there is a will, there is a way.”  

“Okay; well, on that note, I'm going to get out of this sticky uniform and put my French Horn away. See you Monday, Luke.”

She turned to wave goodbye, but Lucas had already vanished. What a weirdo.


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Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.