Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

Where do you find ECE Professional Development Courses?

Are you looking for professional development courses for your early childhood education professionals? ChildCare Education Institute offers a wide variety of courses to keep your staff up to date and knowledgeable in all things preschool. If you are a director or administrator of an early learning childcare center, you may want to share some of the knowledge you gain with your staff. Teaching adults differs from teaching children. If you need ideas on how to do training for your childcare staff, CCEI offers this course, PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors. Read on for my review of the course.

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Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

The PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors course is designed for directors and other early childhood professionals who train adults or facilitate professional development programs. It reminds you that teaching adults can be challenging. Adults may actually pay less attention to the instructor than children do because they already have a knowledge base and personal bias.

Professional Development for Preschool Teachers: Adult Learning Class

Above is a sample slide from the class. The class shares methods and ideas from various scholars. The biggest take away for me was to (after teaching ECE for many years) be careful not to talk down to your class. Understand that they must want to learn and to do so, they must respect you, but also believe that you respect them.

This class was a little more difficult for me than the previous classes. To be honest, I don't review the study guides and handouts. I know, I know. I achieved a certificate on the first attempt (you're allowed 10 attempts.) However, I scored an 80% and had to guess on a few questions. All of that scholarly info is valuable but difficult to remember, especially when you're tired. Be sure you have plenty of time for the test and that you are well rested!

I truly love learning from the comfort of my own home. In the past, I've done Professional Development for Preschool Teachers through NAEYC. While it's nice to do hands on and meet other people in the field, nothing beats learning at your own pace in your pajamas with ChildCare Education Institute.



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