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Classroom Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Children in Early Childhood Education from ChildCare Education Institute

Anywhere you go, the safety of our toddlers and preschool children is a topic of concern. We need to become vigilante when it comes to the safety of our kids. A recent study shows more than 794 children were killed by vehicles in 2017. Unfortunately, many of these deaths took place at daycare facilities under the supervision of early childhood educators. Back up cameras are not enough. All adults need to know these safety tips for children from ChildCare Education Institute.

Classroom Safety Tips for Children in Early Education

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According to the CDC, Unintentional injuries—such as those caused by burns, drowning, falls, poisoning and road traffic—are the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children in the United States. Each year, among those 0 to 19 years of age, more than 12,000 people die from unintentional injuries and more than 9.2 million are treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries. Read the CDC report on Childhood Injuries.

Safety Prevention in the Classroom

Safety in the classroom doesn’t just happen, teachers must be prepared and plan for it. What can we do to prevent these senseless deaths and keep our youngest family members safe? When child caregivers and other adults equip themselves with the tools needed to protect children in their care, they can reduce unnecessary injuries and accidents. Safety education is key.

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI,) the industry leader for online professional development, offers over 55+ safety courses for ECE teachers. These high-quality and research-based courses provide early childhood educators with operating procedures and best practices for keeping children safe on and off school grounds.  I highly recommend all ECE professionals explore CCEI’s vast online course catalog and enroll to take their safety courses today!

CCEI has over 35+ certificate programs offered in both English and Spanish! They’ve graduated over 15,000 early childhood professionals from its CDA and other certificate programs -- with over 5 million online course hours completed by students. CCEI’s web-based coursework is available 24/7/365. 

Here’s a list of some of the 55+ safety courses offered online with CCEI:

  • CCEI110A: Indoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting introduces early childhood professionals to indoor safety standards in an early childhood setting. Topics covered include toy safety, poison control, the development of appropriate play space, controlling high traffic areas in the center, and other safety standards.

ChildCare Education Institute offers professionals 150+ online child care training courses (in English and Spanish) to meet licensing, recognition program and Head Start requirements. It’s the perfect online training for busy early childhood teachers. Read our review on CCEI here: Continuing Online Study for Early Childhood Education. I highly recommend you try these safety courses today from CCEI, so you can create a safe environment for your students. The courses are easy to digest and easy to apply to your daily schedules.

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for children in an early childhood environment is essential. Parents count on caregivers to keep their children safe, healthy, and happy when they're in the classroom. Early childhood professionals need to stay up-to-date on the changes to licensing regulations, best practices, and health and safety standards set forth by governing agencies. Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs has been updated. Learn more about the recent safety standard updates.

Have you considered any of these safety tips for the childcare environment?

  • Cots/cribs are placed 3 ft apart or have barrier and assigned to a specific child or cleaned and sanitized after each use
  • Furniture and equipment is in good repair (check for broken toys, accessories, wrinkled/disrepair rugs/carpet.)
  • All chemicals are locked/out of reach of children. 
  • All entrances/exits are kept clear of clutter, snow, ice, etc. 
  • Tables and chairs are not stacked while children are present.

        Your state likely has many resources available to help guide the safety practices and policies in your classrooms. Download this free Childcare Health and Safety Checklist PDF from

        CCEI offers many continuing ed courses for ECE staff and caregivers. I encourage anyone working with children to take courses with CCEI. That’s right, anyone! If you’re a homeschooler, you’ll find many of the courses beneficial to your homeschooling learning environment as well.

        ECE teachers in a brick and mortar environment will find that CCEI is convenient and easy to navigate, most classes take about an hour. Preschool teachers and daycare providers alike, will definitely want to take a look at the safety courses and maintain a weekly safety checklist for their program environments. 

        Looking for fun ideas and activities for preschoolers? Check out our Preschool Scavenger Hunt Group on Pinterest.


        More Safety Tips for Kids from Kids Creative Chaos

        Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

        Where do you find ECE Professional Development Courses?

        Are you looking for professional development courses for your early childhood education professionals? ChildCare Education Institute offers a wide variety of courses to keep your staff up to date and knowledgeable in all things preschool. If you are a director or administrator of an early learning childcare center, you may want to share some of the knowledge you gain with your staff. Teaching adults differs from teaching children. If you need ideas on how to do training for your childcare staff, CCEI offers this course, PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors. Read on for my review of the course.

        This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I get a small commission.

        Professional Development for Preschool Teachers

        The PROF101: Adult Learning: Theories and Strategies for Trainers and Directors course is designed for directors and other early childhood professionals who train adults or facilitate professional development programs. It reminds you that teaching adults can be challenging. Adults may actually pay less attention to the instructor than children do because they already have a knowledge base and personal bias.

        Professional Development for Preschool Teachers: Adult Learning Class

        Above is a sample slide from the class. The class shares methods and ideas from various scholars. The biggest take away for me was to (after teaching ECE for many years) be careful not to talk down to your class. Understand that they must want to learn and to do so, they must respect you, but also believe that you respect them.

        This class was a little more difficult for me than the previous classes. To be honest, I don't review the study guides and handouts. I know, I know. I achieved a certificate on the first attempt (you're allowed 10 attempts.) However, I scored an 80% and had to guess on a few questions. All of that scholarly info is valuable but difficult to remember, especially when you're tired. Be sure you have plenty of time for the test and that you are well rested!

        I truly love learning from the comfort of my own home. In the past, I've done Professional Development for Preschool Teachers through NAEYC. While it's nice to do hands on and meet other people in the field, nothing beats learning at your own pace in your pajamas with ChildCare Education Institute.


        Best Musical Instruments for Children

        Hitting the Right Note: Online Music Lessons and Instruments

        So, your child wants to play an instrument? Great! The benefits of playing a musical instrument are endless- playing a musical  instrument increases memory capacity, concentration levels and coordination, teaches perseverance and discipline, promotes social skills and the ability to listen, nurtures self-expression, and relieves stress. The pros outweigh the cons, now all you need to do is choose a musical instrument, find a music teacher and take some music lessons. Simple. We've got it all sorted out for you, including some of the best online music lessons for children. Enjoy!

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        Best Musical Instruments for Children

        France Country Study with Worksheets

        French Lessons and Worksheets for Homeschool or Classroom

        If you homeschool like we do, you're probably teaching several grade levels at once. For this France Country Study Lesson, we've found worksheets and activities that work for toddlers to tweens to teens. Scroll down for Videos on the French Revolution, French Word Search Printables, Famous Artists, Art Projects, and Games they play in France. School teachers, you'll find fun classroom activities and worksheets that work in a classroom setting too. Enjoy!

        This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links for your convenience.

        France Country Study with Worksheets.
        France Country Study with Worksheets.

        Learn to speak French for Free with the Duo Lingo App or these French Language lessons.

        This French Flag bookmark craft project from, Start at 5, works for preschoolers to high school.

        For Elementary and Middle School, Make a Passport like this one from De Su Mama.

        Make a passport printable worksheet.
        Printable Passport Activity from De Su Mama.

        Make an Eiffel Tower with bits of colored straws like this one from Cutting Tiny Bites. While this craft activity is fun for elementary, it also aides preschoolers in fine motor skills.

        Eiffel Tower Kids' Activity.
        Eiffel Tower Kids' Activity.

        French History Lesson

        The French Revolution

        The French Revolution on BrainPop. (Must have password.)

        Online Educational Game: French Revolution Time Zone X Game

        French Revolution Worksheet for Middle School and High School.

        Choose a Famous French Scientist and write a Biography.

        Games from France

        Hopscotch: This game is played outdoors on a flat, paved surface, but you can paint an old sheet or use cardboard squares to play indoors. You can also purchase a hopscotch board for indoor or outdoor play. Each player needs a small item to toss onto the hopscotch squares. Rocks or quarters work well. Not sure how to play? Get the rules to hopscotch.

        Petanque: How to Play Petanque

        La Semaine or "The Week"  is  played with 1 or more children with chalk and a pebble (pennies work too). Use the chalk to  draw seven squares in a row. Label each square with a day of the week.

        Now, a player throws their pebble into the Monday box. If they miss, it is the next player's turn. If they hit it, they must jump on one foot to get to the stone, pick it up while still standing on one foot, and then jump back to the start.

        Players repeat for each day of the week (seven times). Repeat the task every time a mistake is made. For example, they trip or hop on two feet. Game is won when one player covers all squares and makes it safely back start.

        French Cricket You will need a Cricket bat or tennis racket and ball. Players stand in a circle. The first player stands with their feet together, defending the 'stumps,' which in French Cricket are the batman's legs below the knees. Now, the players in the circle take turns to bowl at the 'stumps' and the batsman must hit the ball away from them. The bowler gets clever to distract the batsman.

        If the batman's legs are hit, he's out. He's also out if he moves his feet at any time from the original position. If the bowler, or any of the fielders around the circle, catch the ball before it hits the ground, the batsman is also out. Everyone takes a turn until the batsman is out. The bowler who 'stumps' the batsman takes his place.  


        Make your own French Word Search

        Muguet du 1er Mai Elementary Coloring Worksheet (First of May)

        Printable Language Arts French Quotes Project for Middle School and High School

        Famous French Artists

        Paint like Matisse with this Still Life Art Lesson for Kids.

        After you've learned all about France, get a taste of their culture and celebrate by making French Recipes. Enjoy these French cooking lessons and recipes for kids.


        French Word Search Books

        Elementary Homeschooling Science and Health Resources Online: From Netflix to Khan Academy

        Online Elementary Science and Health Resources for Homeschoolers

        I scour the Netflix episodes to find a title that coordinates with our daily Science or Health lesson. Below, I've highlighted some Health Resources for Homeschoolers with episodes we used to study the Human Body and Human Growth and Development which can be a touchy teaching subject. Enjoy!

        Elementary Homeschooling Science and Health Resources Online: From Netflix to Khan Academy
        Online Science and Health Resources for Homeschoolers.

        Those old Saturday edutainment programs are an excellent resource for companion videos. Reward children who don't like to read with a video upon completion of their reading assignment. The video will reinforce what they've read. 

        Don't do the video first, or they will say things like, "I know this already."  "I don't need to read it; I just watched it!"  "This is boring me!" The video can help them remember key points of information. They may even have to refer back to what they've read to make sure the two media forms agree. My kids are always looking for mistakes in school books!

        Beakman touches on many things to do with the body like flatulence (super fun for kids), lungs, allergies, the skeletal system, and much more. When studying about health, especially for fourth-grade, with those all important hygiene lessons (remember those cheesy movies about getting your period and raging hormones?) and the birds and the bees, Beakman's world is a good place to start.

        Free Online Homeschooling Options
        We signed up for Time4Learning and love it!

        Previously, I had searched for a companion video to teach about the senses. There were plenty of videos out there, but all of them targeted preschoolers. Beakman's World had many great videos on Science and Health. (We started with Season 4 to learn about Human Growth).

        Is an awesome resource that public school teachers often use as their go to video to fill in some curriculum time. In the past, it was available only on DVD through Netflix, but now it comes in the streaming version too.  Inside Ralphie and Goes Cellular are two episodes that focus on the body. We paired Flexes its Muscles (Season 2 Episode 2) with Beakman's World on Human Growth.

        Khan Academy is an online school of sorts. It is every bit as good as some of the popular academies for online learning (We previously attended Connections Academy), but it isn't an official school.  Kids can learn at their own pace. It is TOTALLY FREE! Lessons are set up for grade levels. Children can watch videos, do practice problems, and take quizzes until they've mastered the subject.

        Exploring, can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is an AMAZING educational resource. Kids earn badges in each subject matter. Lessons are targeted on core learning principles. Some of the video are a snore, but they are consistently getting better. They even offer an online scratch pad, hints, and more to insure your child doesn't get frustrated by taking the tests. A lot of it is for older children, but they have been adding new material for early elementary age students. Our favorite lessons are Computer Coding, but there are some videos on health and the senses too.

        Speaking of Coding, you might also enjoy Minecraft Summer School Camps. These is an online learning experience, you  won't learn about the human body, but you will learn about Wonder of the Natural World!

        Recommended Reading:

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        How do I get recipes from Pinterest? You've got an account, what's next? Tutorial (Pinterest 102)

        Here is your Pinterest Tutorial to get Recipes

        You've set up your Pinterest account, you did everything they told you to do. You even started following your friends on Pinterest. Why do you only have 2 followers? Why aren't people finding you and following you? You wonder, " What am I doing wrong on Pinterest? " Here is your Pinterest Tutorial.

        Pinterest Tips & Tricks Kids Creative Chaos Road Kill Boards
        Pinterest Tips & Tricks.

        Nothing- Everything.

        You say, " Hey, all I really want is to know, how do I get recipes on Pinterest? My Facebook friends are blocking me. They hate it when I fill their feed with pictures of food, especially my dinner at a restaurant. I think they'd like it if I shared pictures of the beautiful meal I cooked all by myself after going on Pinterest. How do I do Pinterest?"

        What kind of recipes do you like? Healthy Recipes? Vegan Recipes? Dessert Recipes? Gluten Free Recipes? Pinterest has you covered. There are three ways to go about finding recipes on Pinterest.

        1. Click the big Pinterest at the top of your page and scroll through your home feed.
        Nothing good?  Pictures of your friend's kids? Images of the 1980's? Weird geek stuff? You need cooler friends. No worries, we can help.

          2.   Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in recipes, pick "pins", and scroll through until you find something you like. Heart it. Pin it. This could take a long time. You have unusual taste. There aren't any pins for road kill stew. What's a hungry pinner to do?

          3.  Click the search bar on the left side of the screen. Type in "road kill recipes". Now, you could click pins, or pinners, but this time click boards. Now follow all of the boards titled "ROAD KILL RECIPES".

        How do I get recipes from pinterest Tutorial and funny Road Kill Recipes
        Funny bunnies road kill from

        Scroll through the boards that you find most appetizing. See anything you like? Pin it. Here's where it gets fun! When you come back tomorrow to pin and click the big Pinterest to find your home feed, you will see all the new pins from the road kill boards. Are some of them super stellar? Click the pinner and "follow all"; I'll bet you have a lot in common. 

        Boy, oh, boy do you have a lot in common. You are special. Only a elite few share your tastes.

        That was easy. Now, you've learned how to search for you favorite topic, follow the boards, pinners, and pin it to your own "Road Kill" board. Go create some fun boards so like minded individuals will want to follow you.  In the right top bar, click on the " + " sign. Choose create a board. Follow the prompts to create your own unique boards. For example, if you are into a road kill theme, you might want to add these board titles:  Things to do with Raccoons, Dead Deer Projects, Awesome Opossums, Skunk Oil Tips, Squirrel Secrets, and Duck Dynasty Fun. Fill your boards, by doing a search in the Pinterest bar just like I taught you in the above paragraphs. Can't find anything good? Oh yeah... you're a little off, but that's okay. Try a Google search, copy the url, go back to the " + " and choose add from a website. Paste your URL in the bar. 

        Voila! You've done it.

         Keep it up, I promise you will gain a follower or two if you keep pinning all these awesome pins.

        Next time, Bookmarklet- will it harm my computer? Should I use it? And, the MAGIC secret that will blow your mind. In the meantime, you might like these Raccoon coloring pages. ;)

        Pinterest Account Management
        Pinterest Tips & a Magic Trick (The Secrets of Bookmarklet) Pinterest (201)
        How do I do Pinterest? (Pinterest 101)

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        Homeschooling: What to do When Summer Break Drains the Brain? Sneak in Fun Learning Opportunities

        Does Summer Break Drain the Brain? Try Sneaking in Educational Experiences Kids Enjoy

        School is coming to a close, but learning shouldn't come to an end. We are just finishing up our first year of homeschooling.  After all the hard work, I'd hate to see it slip away this summer.  We've got plans to supplement with summer learning field trips, outdoor nature journaling, riding and music lessons, and 4H club. I'll also offer Friday day camps for friends of The Play Connection, Inc.

        The beginning of every school year is filled with review from the previous year.  Summer heat shouldn't melt our kids brains.  Summer Camp programs are great for socialization, pe activities, and becoming one with nature.  Opportunities to improve reading are everywhere. Playing the Alphabet Game on a long trip encourages billboard and street sign reading. Library trips offer a sneaky way to cool off, relax, and enjoy a new book. Do you read bedtime stories? Here's a fun summer reading list

        Busy summers lend themselves to lazy days near the poolside or under a favorite tree curled up with a good book. Funny, kids never seem to curl up with a good math problem.  

        Homeschooling Online Math Programs for Summer Learning
        Don't forget to practice math this summer.  
        Leap ahead of the pack with daily lessons.

        Do you practice math in the summer?  Keeping track of allowances, shopping for items at the Dollar Tree, or having your child watch the clock for break time, chore time, and lunchtime are easy ways to implement mathematics into your lazy summer days.  If you are worried about summer brain drain and the summer learning slide, you might like a more structured math program. 

        Summer Brain Drain: Online Games and Camps
        Summer Brain Drain? Try this.

        LeapAhead! is an easy, affordable, and flexible summer online math program. Keep your child engaged with math worksheets aligned with the common core standards. The program offers a fun math worksheet creator for members. I love the Challenge Math for gifted and talented students. The online summer math program is great for kids who need a little extra help too. This program works for both homeschoolers and brick and mortar students. 

        Let your computer act as a summer tutor while you enhance the online learning with fun math games and activities. You can make math a fun, summer activity too!

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        Why I Choose to Homeschool: Homeschooling with Online Classes through Connections Academy (INCA)

        Why Homeschool? Should You Homeschool? 

        Have you been considering homeschooling? Should you homeschool? Is homeschooling bad or good? Why homeschool? Have you considered free online public school? It's completely free and totally easy! We struggled with the decision whether or not to homeschool. Then, I saw a commercial on television for Connections Academy, so we did that for awhile and then we used what we learned to do homeschool on our own. Enjoy!

        Why homeschool How to free homeschooling online
        With Online Homeschool, there is plenty of time for field trips and extracurricular learning.
        We visited an orchard and picked beautiful blue plums off the tree.

        Why did I choose to homeschool?  

        Why homeschool? There are so many things about public brick and mortar school I detest and dread. I hated the mean-spirited shaming I witnessed from one avid church-goer when my son mentioned he didn't really go/like to go church. It's true, he went sometimes, but I left him home with Daddy a lot (Daddy retired from church). This strikes me as ironic, because stereotypically many people believe "church people" or "religious extremists" homeschool. 

        I go to church when the whim strikes me. I'm a bleeding heart, stuck somewhere between hippies and devout Christians. I guess, the remark hurt my feelings too.

        I hated the complaints from my daughter of how much she hated recess. "There is nothing to do, no one to play with, and the teachers won't let me sit on the blacktop" Ah... memories. In early elementary, I walked around the edge of the blacktop waiting for the teacher to blow the whistle.

        I hated picking my son up nearly every other day after lunch, because he had something with milk or dairy in it. I even had a note from the doctor, apparently, state law requires milk must be placed on EVERY child's tray! I sent in alternative beverages, but "Mommy, I just took a little sip of chocolate milk!" 

        He'd have an asthmatic reaction, go to the nurse for his inhaler, and then... And then... poor nurse. Let's just say, it came out both ends.

        Number one, the school bus! I hated leaving the safety of my kids to another person- someone I didn't know, no seatbelts on the bus, bullies on the bus, other dangerous drivers, etc. Just pulling into our neighborhood was a deathtrap. Waiting for the bus with the middle schoolers outside was too traumatic for Mommy. Well, it didn't seem right to me; my kids were just newly 5 when they started school.

        They begged to ride the bus. I let my son ride a few times. The neighbor child had some problems. He was sort of a bully, but he was also bullied by the older kids. The nice, old man bus driver had him sit up front with my little one. My son came home with lots of amazing new life lessons. 

        Then, the kid started causing trouble. The bus driver would pull over and wait it out. So, the bus was often late. No, thank you, we started driving the kids to school permanently once my daughter hit all-day kindergarten. She's a handful. I can't imagine she'd stay in her seat without a seatbelt. I didn't think the sweet, old man needed the added stress. 

        I'd pick the kids up from school, have an after-school snack, try to squeeze in a little outdoor playtime, then it was time to make supper, get baths, do homework, and go to bed. 


        I hated the homework! We'd be up late finishing projects for first and second grade! 

        My son is gifted. We looked forward to a special program at the school, but it didn't start until third grade. In the meantime, he was placed in a class with high ability learners. Even so, the teacher felt there were problems. He understood concepts in ways other second graders couldn't- which led to arguments and frustrations. Since, we were planning to move, the teacher wondered if online school might work for him. This way, he could work at his own pace. I wasn't sold on the idea until...

        The second lockdown at school. That's right, second. I shrugged off the first one. The second one was for the same reason, a bank robber near the school grounds and shots fired. I tried to get in the car line to pick up the kids, but the road was blocked by police cars. I called  a friend, Angie, she arrived a few minutes prior to me. She was told to get out of her car and head to them gym for safety. 

        Yep, I was a mess.  

        BUT... I can't homeschool. I don't have the patience. I'm not disciplined enough. My kids need socialization. I don't want other people to think we're freaks. 


        It's just not like that anymore. I CAN (of course I can). We actually had LESS busy bookwork than regular school. The kids had online live lessons with their teachers and classmates. The teachers checked in regularly with emails and phone calls. As a learning coach, I was a big part of my kids academic experience, but not the teacher. So, I didn't have to worry about making major mistakes.

        Free School Online Public Elementary Homeschooling
        Indiana Connections Academy, Free School Online!

        We homeschooled through INCA or Indiana Connections Academy. The supplies are completely free! This includes all textbooks, science supplies, art supplies, and companion DVD's and CDRom's for the online classes.

        They took required state standardized tests in an university classroom. There are school sponsored field trips and local group gatherings. We met up with a local group of homeschoolers outside of INCA for recreation or SOCIALIZATION.

        Yep, next to giving birth... homeschooling is the best idea I've ever had. I have more time to spend with my kids, hone my novel writing skills, and work as a freelancer.  

        In case you're wondering, my kids were offered the opportunity to attend regular school year. They both declined with a resounding, "No way!"

        Now, that we are experienced homeschoolers, we go it alone! I create online lessons and share them here on the blog. The kids do math with Kahn Academy, and we supplement with Brainpop. We love homeschooling. 

        We get up when we want, go to bed when we want, study what we want, and have the freedom to supplement with field trips whenever we want. We are members of several clubs for homeschoolers and meet up with our friends at least once per week.

        Recommended Reading:

        Homeschooling 101: A Guide to Getting Started.*

        The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas*

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