Easy Valentines Day Paper Craft for Kids: Love Collage

Heart Construction Paper Craft for Valentines Day

This construction paper craft for Valentine's Day is easy.  The heart collage is simple enough to do with early childhood kids and seniors with dementia, but is also fun for everyone! Adapt the steps as needed for the skill level of your crafters. 

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Heart Construction Paper Craft for Valentines Day for seniors retirement homes kids

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Pastel Construction Paper
Glue Sticks
Magazines (February Magazines work best.)

Easy Valentines Day Paper Craft for Kids: Love Collage
Vertical lay out, lay out images horizontally (landscape)  for Valentine's Day cards.

Love Collage Paper Craft Activity for Valentine's Day

  • Search through magazines for pictures of things you love.
  • Tear out the page.
  • Fold the page in half, centering the image in the fold.
  • Cut the image out in the shape of a heart.
  • Arrange the hearts on your paper.
  • Glue magazine heart cut outs down with a glue stick.
  • Repeat.

Tip: Pick images in the same  color family and the heart collage becomes more work of art than craft. Use it to make beautiful Valentine's Day Cards for family members.

When working with early childhood kids, draw the half heart over the folded paper and let them cut it out to work fine motor skills. When working with seniors in retirement homes, you may need to cut the images out for them, but allow them to choose, fold, and paste. While they're choosing images, reminisce about their Valentine's Day memories.



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