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Kitchen Kids: Edible Mayflower Sandwich Snack for Thanksgiving Craft

Make a mini Mayflower Ship Sandwich Snack to celebrate the Pilgrims landing in America: Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Get your kids in the kitchen for this edible Thanksgiving Craft. This snack craft is an easy, fun activity for afterschool or preschool class. It is fun to make an edible Mayflower ship craft. Enjoy!

Kitchen Kids: Edible Eatable Art Mayflower Sandwich Snack for Thanksgiving
Mayflower Edible Thanksgiving Craft.
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Attach cheese slices by making an eatable cream cheese paste on your Mayflower Sandwich Ship.

Edible Mayflower Ship Snack Activity for Kids to Make
Fruit Snack Passengers = Madagascar Penguins.

You need:

Hot dog buns 

Cheese Slices (Yellow and White)
Pretzel Sticks
Cream Cheese
Optional: Goldfish Crackers or Character Fruit Snacks

To make:

Hollow out the center of 1/2 of  bun.

Spoon in cream cheese.
Cut cheese slices diagonally into triangles.
Slide pretzel thru one side of slice to form a sail. 
Note: This doesn't work well with room temperature cheese, so we used cream cheese as a paste. Stick sail into the cream cheese. Use mini pretzels for steering wheel and life preservers. Insert Goldfish crackers tail end first to represent passengers. Serve with baked chips and pumpkin salsa. Eat. 

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