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4 Holiday Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

4 Cardboard Tube Crafts for the Holidays

Whether you use a paper towel roll, wrapping paper roll, or toilet tube, these cute cardboard tube crafts for the holidays are easy to make. We made 4 fun holiday toilet paper roll crafts with bits and bobbles from cardboard rolls. Scroll down to see our Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Reindeer, Snowman, and Little Puppy. Enjoy!

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Cute Cardboard Tube Crafts
Cute Cardboard Tube Crafts.

1. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

We used cardbboard paper towel rolls and toilet paper tubes to make these little creatures. They are skinnier than most, because we cut a 1" strip out of each roll and then hot glued the cardboard back together. Each holiday creature is cut at a different height, so they can be displayed in an attractive centerpiece for the holidays.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Thanksgiving Turkey
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Thanksgiving Turkey.

If you want to make Cardboard Tube Crafts for Thanksgiving, purchase some felt leaves. We found a Thanksgiving garland kit on clearance and used the pieces to make turkey feathers. An autumn pack of pipecleaners. pom poms, and felt bits were used for his beak and head.

To attach the head, it is best to use hot glue. Place a bead of glue around the top of the cardboard tube and then press and hold the pom pom down until the glue sets.

If you want to paint your tube, do that before you begin decorating it. We like the natural look of of the cardboard roll.

2. Cardboard Tube Puppy

make a cardboard roll puppy
Cut a 2" section of cardboard roll to make a little puppy.

Mini Cardboard Tube Creatures.

3. Cardboard Paper towel Roll Snowman Craft

cardboard tube snowman
Use a vegetable skewer to make hands
for your cardboard toilet roll snowman.

Cardboard Toilet Roll Snowman Craft with Scarf
Twist two pipecleaners together to make a scarf for your snowman.
We glued two cottonballs together to make  his head.

4. Reindeer Toilet Roll Craft

toilet roll reindeer craft
Wrap pipecleaners around your finger or a pencil
to make spiral antlers for the cardboard reindeer.

More Cardboard Roll Crafts for Thanksgiving

Easy Cardboard Toilet Tube Turkeys
Mayhem designed her own Easy Cardboard Toilet Tube Turkeys.

Cut 1/4" strips approximately 3" down the toilet paper roll to make the turkey feathers. Then, bend 1 strip down folding the end up to attach the turkey's head. Cut two orange strips and glue inside the tube to form legs. Now, you have a shelf sitter turkey for Thanksgiving.

Share your ideas with us in the comments.


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Kitchen Kids: Peanut Butter Turkeys Recipe (Peanut Butter Balls)

Edible Turkeys: Peanut Butter Ball Recipe

Make these cute turkeys, the perfect sensory play cooking activity to do with kids. The easy peanut butter ball recipe tastes like peanut butter fudge. Enjoy!

Peanut Butter Edible Turkeys Recipe Peanut Butter Balls Kids
Peanut Butter Balls Recipe.

You need:

1 C.  Creamy Peanut Butter

1/2   C. Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/4   C. Confectioner's Sugar
1      Bag Candy Corn
1/4   C. Peanuts
1/4   C. Chocolate Chips

How to make Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

How to Make Peanut Butter Balls:

In a large bowl, blend together peanut butter, condensed milk, and confectioner's sugar. Then knead with hands to soften.

Divide into small pieces. Roll into 1" balls.

Optional: Roll ball into crushed peanuts or powdered sugar.

Chill for 20 minutes before decorating and keep chilled while working.

Add 3 Pieces of candy corn point down to make Turkey's feathers.

Add 2 Chocolate Chips for eyes. Add 1 Peanut for beak.

Make ahead and freeze.

Warning: These are addictive- so good!

Happy Turkey Day!

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Peanut Butter Ball Turkeys with Candy Corn
Tastes like Peanut Butter Fudge.

Thanksgiving Sensory Ideas

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How to Make a Homemade Pretzel Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Make an Edible Cornucopia for Thanksgiving

We had a fun with a pretzel recipe.You can make a pretzel at home and turn it into a Thanksgiving cornucopia. Enjoy!

Edible Cornucopia recipe for Thanksgiving for kids to make
Edible Thanksgiving Cornucopia Recipe.

Pounding the dough was a big hit. (Pun intended.)
A little more labor intensive than I thought, but so worth it.
In the past, we made easy pretzels with canned dough- Fun to make and tasted o.k. but this recipe tastes like we bought them at the store.

We made the cornucopia by wrapping strips of the processed dough around a greased cake funnel.

We tried sugar and salt variations for the coating.

knotted pretzel recipe for cooking with kids
You can make pretzels with the same recipe.


A great companion children's book for this activity is:

"One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims"
Thanksgiving book for kids.

This is a fun twist on "Ten Little Indians".  
Kids love to sing "One Big Turkey".

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Food Play: Edible Thanksgiving Apple Crafts for Kids

These are our after-school kids Edible apple turkey crafts for snack.

The After-school Kid's Apple Turkey Trials and links to other Edible Turkey Crafts and SnacksBon Appetit Creative Apple Crafts for kids snack from the archives. Fun way to play with your food.

Edible Apple Turkey

Food Play: Edible Thanksgiving Apple Crafts for Kids
Apple Crafts for Thanksgiving

Edible Thanksgiving Apple Craft for Kids Turkey
Apple Turkey? Afterschool Snack

To insert candy and pretzels poke holes with the small end of a spoon  or skewer first. 

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas recycle that leftover Pumpkin into a Turkey for Thanksgiving- turkey placeholder crafts

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas recycle that leftover Pumpkin into a Turkey for Thanksgiving

I've  been surfing the for turkey crafts and placeholders for you. Links are provided. Got pumpkins leftover from Halloween?  How about turning them into turkeys?

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas with Pumpkins Turkey
Tom Turkey Placeholder from Google Search - the link broke, I can't give it proper credit. If you know from whence it came please leave a comment.

Our Edible Mayflower Boats would make cool placeholders too!  Just add a place card to a toothpick.

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Turkey Apple Treats After-School Snack Activities for Preschool

Turkey Apple Treats After-School Snack Activities for Preschool

Purchase candy and food items for snack activities for preschool at the Dollar Tree for this easy, preschool Thanksgiving Turkey apple craft for kids. Find more theme snack recipes in our Summer Camp Handbook.

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Turkey Apple Treats After-School Snack Activities for Preschool

Use lots of cookies in various shapes and sizes, candy corn, goldfish crackers, candy sprinkles, and icing. I suggest graham crackers to make it a little less like junk food. Chocolate covered fudge stripe cookies became the turkey's base and orange Halloween icing bought on clearance became the 'glue.'

Apple Edible Arts & Crafts activities for Preschoolers

We have lots of activities for preschool. We teach messy and creative play classes. Here is a fun paper, turkey hat using your foot as a pattern.

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After-School Snack Cookbook

Edie's Best After School Snacks: Healthy snacks for kids like me!

Candy Corn Turkeys Recipes and Ideas for Thanksgiving

Check out these Candy Corn Turkey Ideas

What do all of these Thanksgiving turkeys have in common? Candy Corn! These cute little turkeys are fun for kids to make. Wouldn't they make cute Thanksgiving Placeholders? Just add a name card. This is an old post, if these are your images and I haven't added a link or attribution, please send me a note so I can remedy the situation.

Candy Corn Turkey Cupcakes
Turkey Cupcakes with Candy Corn.

turkey cookie
Turkey Cookies.

Turkey Cookies with Candy Corn
Turkey Cookie and Candy Edible Craft.

Oreo and Candy Corn Turkeys.
These look perfect for an after-school project!

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