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Dory Bathroom Decor Ideas for Kids

Got a Finding Dory Fan? Decorate Your Bathroom in an Under the Sea Theme

Got a little one who is a big fan of Nemo or Finding Dory? If so, you'll want to decorate your bathroom in an under the sea theme. These fish decor ideas make perfect Dory bathroom decor ideas for kids. Enjoy!

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Dory Bathroom Decor Ideas for Kids

So, we've got SpongeBob fans who are even bigger carnival games fans. You know, pop the balloon with a dart, pull a duck out of a baby pool, toss a ping pong ball in a fishbowl. What do you do with all of those tiny little stuffed animals? We give a lot to Goodwill, but we always have a fresh supply. When we moved to our new (old) house I noticed a fish switch plate, so decided to go with an under sea bathroom theme. Add a set of fun fish curtains for a kids' bathroom and you're good to go!

Notice our SpongeBob is pink? He's a special stuffy for Breast Cancer Awareness. We just couldn't give these guys up- each one of them is a special memory from a fun, family vacation or holiday gift.

These are easy to hang with fishing line or kite string. Attach the string to the stuffed animal with a straight pin and then use an office push pin to hang it from the ceiling. I wrapped one end of the string around the pin and then made sure to poke through the end of the string when I poked the pin into the ceiling.

So, there's a story or two here. We have ducks. We like ducks. We have Guppies. The guppy cross-stitch was created by me in 1987! I guess it's my modern form of a stitch sampler. The many ducks came from my son's first bathroom when he was only one year old. The biggest duck is a stuffed animal that is coated in a scented wax and serves as a room freshener.  How to make a wax stuffed animal room freshener,

One of those duckies above is a night light. Don't forget to add the right lighting, an aqua glass sconce is the perfect companion lighting for an under the sea theme bathroom.

Before we moved, we had a powder room decorated in a whimsical Winnie the Pooh theme. I made a border around the wall with rubber stamps and stencils and then colored it in with pastels. I couldn't let it go and now most of the Pooh decor is in my kitchen. 

Yep, whimsy would probably be a good word to describe me. Do you have a fun bathroom decor idea? Share it with us in the comments.


Dr. Seuss Sue Snue: Celebrate Theodore Geisel's Birthday with this April Fool's Joke Cake Activity Trick for Kids

When is Dr. Seuss's Birthday? Celebrate with Sue Snue Birthday Party Activities

I bet Dr. Seuss, Theodore Geisel, liked to celebrate April Fool's Day. Why not celebrate his birthday with this joke shaving cream cake trick activity and read Sue Snue. Dr. Seuss's Birthday is March 2, 1904. Remember, it is Seuss, not Suess. Enjoy!

When is Dr. Seuss Birthday?
Theodore Geisel: Dr. Seuss.

Shaving Cream is Versatile. Mix up one batch and enjoy three fun, messy activities for kids. This is a fun way to celebrate a kids' birthday party!

Dr. Seuss Birthday activity for kids Sue Snue Shaving Cream Sensory Cake
Shaving Cream Sensory Play Ideas.

You will need:
1 can of Shaving Cream
Gel Food Coloring
Plastic Spoons
Cake Decorating Sprinkles
Birthday Candles
Recycle Plastic Containers
Paint Brush

Read "Who Are You, Sue Snue?" From Jim Henson's Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. Sue has a birthday and everyone in town wonders what she will do to celebrate. 

Who are you Sue Snue from the Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss book
Who Are You, Sue Snue?
From Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.

Fun Kid's Activity #1
Mix up some shaving cream with a few drops of your favorite color of gel food coloring. Grab a clean, empty, cream cheese container, turn it upside down, and ice it like a cake. Add a candle on top. This is a great idea for Sensory Play!

Fake Shaving Cream Cake for Dr. Seuss Birthday and April Fool's Joke Ideas
Fake Shaving Cream Birthday Cake for playing 
an April Fool's Joke on your kids.

Cool Craft for Kids #1 Variation

The cake looks good enough to eat. Why not play a fun April Fool's Joke on a friend?

April Fool's Trick Ideas Pretend Play Birthday Cake for Preschoolers Activity Shaving Cream
Trick your children with this fake joke cake for April Fool's.

You might also like our Daisy Head Maizy (Maisy) Activities

Sensory Shaving Cream Cake for Preschoolers
Kiddie Version of  Shaving Cream Cake. 
Let your kids make a cake to play a trick on Dad.

Activity #2 
Grab a paint brush and paint the sidewalk with your leftover shaving cream mixture.

Shaving Cream and food coloring makes great sidewalk chalk paint recipe for kids
Summer Camp Shaving Cream Fun

Activity #3
After the kids have made a sufficient mess, use your left-over shaving cream "icing" in the bathtub.  It works great and cleans up easily. (They are going to need a bath!)

Colored Shaving Cream Sensory Play and Dr. Seuss Sue Snue

Recommended Reading:

Who Are You, Sue Snue? Birthday Book*

Daisy Head Mayzie Activities

*Special Thanks to Momto2PoshLilDivas for the cake idea.

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