Kids Creative Chaos: Melted Crayons in Chocolate and Soap Molds

Melted Crayons in Chocolate and Soap Molds

How to make Fun Crayon Shapes in Molds

Crayon fun for Preschoolers. Have your crayons and make them too using cookie, cake, or soap molds! What could be more fun than coloring with a dinosaur? Coloring with a dinosaur crayon. Enjoy!

How to make and melt fun crayon shapes in molds preschooler activity.
Grab a soap or chocolate mold, spray with non-stick spray, insert broken crayon bits, melt slowly, check often and stir.

Use a muffin tin and mix up your melted crayon bits for fun chunky crayons.
Coloring with a Hippo, that's what!

Animal Shaped Melted Crayons in Chocolate & Soap Molds
Play-doh Molds work too, be careful not to melt your plastic.

Tip:  Use Plastic Molds* in Microwave and check often as you would for chocolate, stirring every few seconds helps speed up the process. When using muffin tins bake at low temp (250-300) and stir occasionally, careful not to burn. They slide right out when you use non-stick spray.

We made these years ago with our Summer Camp Program. Lots of Bloggers have twists on the idea. If you have one, leave a linky in the comment section (tell us your two cents) below.

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