Blog Hopper Awards

Make your own Blog Awards.


Now that I am a skilled button maker, blog hopper, and official 'Mommy Blogger', I'm introducing Blog Hopper Awards.  Each week as I hop around the blogosphere, I'll honor my favorites and share them with you.  Feel free to nominate yourself or your favorite or use these to honor your favorite blog. Uss this easy button code maker to turn these into buttons on your blog.

The categories include:

Best Title Award 
(Post or Blog)
When I blog hop I click on the catchiest titles or 'Follows Back'.  Think about what makes you click before you post your titles in Posts or Linkys.

Cutest/Neatest Theme 
(Preferably by an Amateur Designer)
Anything that gives me blog envy or makes me say, 'Aww'.  "How'd they do that?"

Most Interesting Post Prize  
Topic can be about anything that makes you go, 'Hmm'.
Give blogging buddies awards - how do I do that?

LOLziest Post  
Literally makes you 'Laugh Out Loud'.

Real Writer Kudos  
I really enjoyed reading your blog post.
It is solid writing, fluent, engaging and I will be back for more!

You can enter the Linkys on Blog Hops to win or just have a great blog that gets stumbled upon by me.

You'll get a button award to add to your blog, a post dedicated to you, and the opportunity to be a guest blogger at 'Kids Creative Chaos'.

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.