The Toothfairy Failed the first time (includes cute free toothfairy clipart)

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Last night, the tooth fairy must have stayed out late partying. 

Today, she's a no-show, no-call. Apparently, she has a hang-over.  How rude!  She didn't even call to apologize.  

Of course, I didn't tell my son this theory. No, I thought it best to shelter him from the wild doings of a floozie fairy at least until he's a little older.

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What do you say to a six-year-old who let his tooth float by a thread for a week, carefully sheltering it with his tongue, as each murderous morsel attempted to fling it to death?  He protected that tooth like a precious diamond. With each day, the idea of the gifts it would bring filled his little head with joy- and now this...

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I was up late blogging, learning the ropes to make buttons and baubles. I simply refused to stay up past 'Saturday Night Live'. Egads! When the ending credits started rolling, I turned off my monitor and headed to bed. Discreetly, I tip-toed into my kid's bedrooms to confirm that everyone was safe, sound, and breathing. I turned down "Todd World", and then I hit the hay. 

The next thing I remember, the sun began seeping through the crack in my curtains beckoning my busy children out of their beds. My son awoke groggy. I sent him to the potty first to buy some thinking time. He moved slowly, as I waited impatiently.  

"Jake, hurry I need to pee too!"  

He didn't hurry. In fact, he stopped in his tracks holding a tiny, plastic bag in the air.

"She didn't come."   

"What?"  I said in mock shock.  

"The tooth fairy didn't come!  I still have my tooth."

I interjected, "Don't you have to pee? I know I do." Then, I danced around the issue both literally and figuratively while searching for a fabulous excuse. As I waited for my turn at the potty, I said, "I bet you got up too early and nearly caught her in the act. Let's try again tonight."  

His toothless frown turned to an angry rant, "No!  I didn't see her. She just didn't come."  

Finally, I got my turn at the potty and took a moment to gather my runaway thoughts. Returning with a renewed mind and spirit, I explained that the tooth fairy is a very busy lady. "I stayed up too late last night, and we all got up too early this morning. She didn't have a chance to sneak into your room. She probably planned to come back, but got busy with all the other kid's teeth. I bet she feels terrible! I am sure she'll make it up to you tonight."

And then...

I reprimanded his Daddy who had tucked him into bed the night before. "A little help here please. I can't remember everything!"   

That floozie fairy better not forget us again tonight! I'm gonna set a trap...

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