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The Toothfairy Failed the first time (includes cute free toothfairy clipart)

Toothfairy Stories and Clipart

Last night, the tooth fairy must have stayed out late partying. 

Today, she's a no-show, no-call. Apparently, she has a hang-over.  How rude!  She didn't even call to apologize.  

Of course, I didn't tell my son this theory. No, I thought it best to shelter him from the wild doings of a floozie fairy at least until he's a little older.

Check out the cute toothfairy clipart

Cute Free photo toothfairy clipart coloring page
Print as a gift tag from the tooth fairy.

What do you say to a six-year-old who let his tooth float by a thread for a week, carefully sheltering it with his tongue, as each murderous morsel attempted to fling it to death?  He protected that tooth like a precious diamond. With each day, the idea of the gifts it would bring filled his little head with joy- and now this...

free tooth fairy coloring page printables
Tooth Fairy Free Printable Coloring Sheet right click to save and print 
or click here for Free PDF.

I was up late blogging, learning the ropes to make buttons and baubles. I simply refused to stay up past 'Saturday Night Live'. Egads! When the ending credits started rolling, I turned off my monitor and headed to bed. Discreetly, I tip-toed into my kid's bedrooms to confirm that everyone was safe, sound, and breathing. I turned down "Todd World", and then I hit the hay. 

The next thing I remember, the sun began seeping through the crack in my curtains beckoning my busy children out of their beds. My son awoke groggy. I sent him to the potty first to buy some thinking time. He moved slowly, as I waited impatiently.  

"Jake, hurry I need to pee too!"  

He didn't hurry. In fact, he stopped in his tracks holding a tiny, plastic bag in the air.

"She didn't come."   

"What?"  I said in mock shock.  

"The tooth fairy didn't come!  I still have my tooth."

I interjected, "Don't you have to pee? I know I do." Then, I danced around the issue both literally and figuratively while searching for a fabulous excuse. As I waited for my turn at the potty, I said, "I bet you got up too early and nearly caught her in the act. Let's try again tonight."  

His toothless frown turned to an angry rant, "No!  I didn't see her. She just didn't come."  

Finally, I got my turn at the potty and took a moment to gather my runaway thoughts. Returning with a renewed mind and spirit, I explained that the tooth fairy is a very busy lady. "I stayed up too late last night, and we all got up too early this morning. She didn't have a chance to sneak into your room. She probably planned to come back, but got busy with all the other kid's teeth. I bet she feels terrible! I am sure she'll make it up to you tonight."

And then...

I reprimanded his Daddy who had tucked him into bed the night before. "A little help here please. I can't remember everything!"   

That floozie fairy better not forget us again tonight! I'm gonna set a trap...

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Blog Hopper Awards

Make your own Blog Awards.


Now that I am a skilled button maker, blog hopper, and official 'Mommy Blogger', I'm introducing Blog Hopper Awards.  Each week as I hop around the blogosphere, I'll honor my favorites and share them with you.  Feel free to nominate yourself or your favorite or use these to honor your favorite blog. Uss this easy button code maker to turn these into buttons on your blog.

The categories include:

Best Title Award 
(Post or Blog)
When I blog hop I click on the catchiest titles or 'Follows Back'.  Think about what makes you click before you post your titles in Posts or Linkys.

Cutest/Neatest Theme 
(Preferably by an Amateur Designer)
Anything that gives me blog envy or makes me say, 'Aww'.  "How'd they do that?"

Most Interesting Post Prize  
Topic can be about anything that makes you go, 'Hmm'.
Give blogging buddies awards - how do I do that?

LOLziest Post  
Literally makes you 'Laugh Out Loud'.

Real Writer Kudos  
I really enjoyed reading your blog post.
It is solid writing, fluent, engaging and I will be back for more!

You can enter the Linkys on Blog Hops to win or just have a great blog that gets stumbled upon by me.

You'll get a button award to add to your blog, a post dedicated to you, and the opportunity to be a guest blogger at 'Kids Creative Chaos'.