The Toothfairy Fails Again and Free Clipart

Our tooth fairy saga continues with more free fairy clipart printables for you.

tooth fairy printable clipart and fun stories
The Tooth Fairy is watching.

So, the toothfairy struck again. 

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Last night before going to sleep, Jake informed me that he lost his tooth...  literally. He refused to go to sleep until we found it. Mommy won the battle. I explained that the Tooth Fairy had a list of all the teeth that came out each day. Every time someone lost a tooth a bell rang at her house. She knows she is behind schedule and will surely come to our house first (in other words; GET TO BED).  

On his way to bed, Jake grumbled, "If the tooth fairy doesn't come tonight, I'm over it!"

Around midnight, I tripped over some shoes, fumbled to turn the volume down on his television, and did the necessary deed. He rolled over and looked at me! So, I calmly kissed him good night and went back to bed.

This morning, the noisy Daddy woke him up. Daddy found the money sticking out of a pillow and handed it to Jake. When I entered his room to get his clothes, Jake held up the empty baggy. Confused, I asked him if the tooth fairy had come.  

"No?  Where's your tooth?" 

"I told you, I lost it!"

"Ohwww...  I thought you lost the whole bag!  You lost just the tooth?"

"YES! She didn't come. She didn't take the bag!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes; I have $2, but I think Daddy just gave it to me right now!"

"?#$% ^&!"

Well, I don't know about Jake, but I'm over it. Next time it is Daddy's deal.

Post Note:  
To his credit, Daddy tried to explain he had found the money under the pillow, but what kid is gonna believe that?

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