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Toothfairy Burglary? Includes free toothfairy and teeth clipart

Tooth fairy... the saga continues with Teeth printable.

This really happened.
teeth clipart tooth fairy
A full set of teeth makes for a lonely tooth fairy.

 I think I will write a book called "The Toothfairy Sagas", it will include all the free toothfairy clipart.  I know back-story is frowned upon in the blogosphere but you need a little info.  So...

Jake lost another tooth.

Okay. So, in a past life I lived with an alcoholic. If booze came into the house it lasted less than 24 hours nevermind how much of it entered. Thank goodness the past is the past.

My S.O.and I  have a liquor cabinet above the fridge and another above the microwave.  We have lots of liquor.  His Dad sends us various things from various countries that he visits and we purchase rum, vodka, even whiskey to make mixed drinks for New Year's Eve or other celebrations. We have liquor as old as our oldest child who is twenty-two. The cabinet has survived two teenagers without a locked door.  Needless to say... we don't really drink. I guess I should throw some of it out but that requires work.

This info may seen irrelevant, but I figure some may assume 'I got my drink on'- that would explain a lot.

Now, those of you who know us personally might become fearful as you read this, but I think I solved the mystery. So hold your breath until the end.

Wait, don't, it's kind of a long story, you might die.


During the trip home from a holiday party last Saturday night, Jake lost another tooth. It was late. We were tired!  It was the day I took all of the kids sledding for the first time after a long day at a craft fair. When he held his tooth up in the air with a big smile- my smile turned upside down.

I must stay awake until he went to sleep or worse wake up in the middle of the night. Luckily, he was worn out and fell asleep quickly.

Around midnight I snuck into Daddy's wallet, snuck into Jake's room and tossed (yes, tossed) a dollar at his face quickly returning to the warm bed awaiting me.

I slept. It was to be a spectacular night for sleeping. No one would wake me up!  Everyone was so tired.

When what to my wondering ears should I hear?
But a boisterous crash at the top of the stairs and several loud bangs that brought me to fear.

Earlier in the evening I could not sleep for fear- no one had remembered to lock the front-door.

Begrudgingly, I drug myself out of bed, headed downstairs and found I was right as my feet hit the foyer floor.
I trodded back up and fell fast asleep until ...

All of a sudden I arose from my bed, threw off the blanket, slammed my feet on the floor and flew out the door. I shouted at Daddy but he did not care. "Go away, go away, I'm trying to sleep!" He began to swear.

As I approached the hall I saw the stairway gate crashed to the floor.
I shouted to Daddy, "Please wake-up! I think someones here."

He mumbled and grumbled and closed his eyes tight.
"I'm sure its the cat.  Now come back to bed it's the middle of night!"

Of course, I couldn't listen.  I must see for myself.  So, I ran to the kid's room where...

Jake had been sleeping, "Hey Mommy she came, but this time she forgot my tooth!"
"Jake did you hear that?"
"Did you try to go downstairs?"
"Hear what?  I woke up because you're yelling."
"Shoot!"  At least he didn't suspect me the tooth fairy.

I ran to my teenager's room where she lay- fast asleep.
I switched on her light, tore open her covers-
and sure enough she was sleeping, just like the others.

My mind could not rest so in a flash; I ran back downstairs.

Grabbing a roll of holiday wrap, held up like a bat-
Looking in closets, behind chairs and under couches- all I ever found was the cat.


The sliding doors in the kitchen were unlocked and slightly open!

I held my gift wrap tightly and started to shiver.
This detective work is not for those with a lily liver.
No wet footprints dirtied the floor.
No water from melted snows tickled my toes (that's right, snows).

So, still clutching my wrapping, I ran back upstairs defeated and scared.

Amidst the snoring, I quickly uncovered a rather difficult clue.
At the end of the gate was a Budweiser bottle cap in a Christmas-red hue.

Was it a drunken Christmas mouse?
No one here had any beer at the party.
We don't have any beer in the house.

My first thought was fear.
My second one anger.
Tooth Fairy is having a very bad year.

Toothfairy Free Clip Art cute with wand
The Tooth Fairy.


Although the story is completely true after some digging I remembered a clue. All of the children claimed not to recognize said bottle cap.  "Did you find it outside playing in the snow and put it in your pocket?"  I just couldn't let it go.  "No, no, no!"

I seem to vaguely remember the littlest one collecting a cap after a late, November trike ride. It was shiny, she liked it.

Although I assumed she threw it away, I suspect said cap came here to stay.

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The Toothfairy Fails Again and Free Clipart

Our tooth fairy saga continues with more free fairy clipart printables for you.

tooth fairy printable clipart and fun stories
The Tooth Fairy is watching.

So, the toothfairy struck again. 

(Be sure to click around for free clipart)

Last night before going to sleep, Jake informed me that he lost his tooth...  literally. He refused to go to sleep until we found it. Mommy won the battle. I explained that the Tooth Fairy had a list of all the teeth that came out each day. Every time someone lost a tooth a bell rang at her house. She knows she is behind schedule and will surely come to our house first (in other words; GET TO BED).  

On his way to bed, Jake grumbled, "If the tooth fairy doesn't come tonight, I'm over it!"

Around midnight, I tripped over some shoes, fumbled to turn the volume down on his television, and did the necessary deed. He rolled over and looked at me! So, I calmly kissed him good night and went back to bed.

This morning, the noisy Daddy woke him up. Daddy found the money sticking out of a pillow and handed it to Jake. When I entered his room to get his clothes, Jake held up the empty baggy. Confused, I asked him if the tooth fairy had come.  

"No?  Where's your tooth?" 

"I told you, I lost it!"

"Ohwww...  I thought you lost the whole bag!  You lost just the tooth?"

"YES! She didn't come. She didn't take the bag!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes; I have $2, but I think Daddy just gave it to me right now!"

"?#$% ^&!"

Well, I don't know about Jake, but I'm over it. Next time it is Daddy's deal.

Post Note:  
To his credit, Daddy tried to explain he had found the money under the pillow, but what kid is gonna believe that?

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