Stop what you are doing and take the time to...

Go hug your little one; even if you aren't demonstrative do it EVERYDAY. Protect them from becoming an empty shell trapped in a thick, cinder box too thick for ice picks, jackhammers, or bull dozers to break through the devastating loneliness. Don't wait until it's too late.
Lora Langston
Lora Langston

Lora is a homeschooling mom, writer, creator of Kids Creative Chaos, and Director of the Play Connection.

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  1. So true. I never want my little girl to think that anything is more important than she is. I work at home and there are many times throughout the day when I am interrupted by "eed, eed" and a book in her hands, or out-stretched little arms. I give in, it takes me 30 seconds to read the book she wants and even less time to pick her up and give her a little love. She's not going to be like this forever, so I am going to take full advantage.

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