Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss - Daisy-Head Mayzie Activities and Craft

Daisy Head Mayzie Crafts and Activities

Today's Companion Craft and Story is themed on Dr. Seuss' book, Daisy-Head Mayzie not Maisy. We have lots of Dr. Seuss activities. You might Also like Dr. Seuss's Sue Snue and a fake cake messy play craft to celebrate his birthday! This is a fun project to do with Daisy Girl Scouts. Enjoy!

Daisy Head Mayzie Maisy Activities: Make a Daisy Hat
Make a Daisy Hat for the First Day of School with Daisy Head Mayzie.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Daisy Head Mayzie Craft and Activities
We read the story in our sensory play/messy preschool class. 

Fine Motor Component:
The little ones loved dipping the water. They struggled to manipulate the spoon into the cup and retrieve water. First the spoon went straight in and straight down into the pot. They tried shaking the water off. Eventually, the spoon went in sideways and returned with a base full of water. Lots of clapping and smiles followed.

We made a cool Daisy Hat like this one.
Daisy Activities
First make 4 flowers with lots of petals.

Next, attach to hat base and glue petals together at top to secure them 
(glue-stick works perfectly).

Hat pattern Band for fun kids hats Daisy Head
Measure head and cut band to fit. Then, criss-cross strips over top,
forming a base to attach the flowers. You can also attach strips of paper,
feathers, ribbon, or yarn to make a wig. We made leprechaun hair too.

Sing a Daisy song: 

Daisy, Daisy give me a flower do.
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be purple tulip, 
I can't afford an orchid.
But you'll look sweet,
Upon my head,
In a silly hat made of you.

Play this great Daisy Game with paper flowers
Pluck the Petals 

The book ends with a 'She loves me, She loves me not' (of course, she loves me) game. Make an extra flower or two, pass it around the circle and let the kids pluck the petals. Daisy loves me nots move to the inside of the circle. Daisy loves mes stay in their spot until only one is left. When she plucks the last petal, the inner circle stands and runs to hide from the winner (it). A typical game of tag ensues. Play until everyone gets to be it.


Daisy-head Mayzie is very wordy. Show the pictures and ask the group what is happening in each one as you point to the colorful illustrations (especially with toddlers and preschoolers).

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